Aikel reports on Sabers’ pre-camp physical


Buffalo, NY (AP) —Sabers captain Jack Eikel will visit Buffalo this week for a pre-training camp. He has questions about whether he is allowed to play and the future with direct knowledge of the team. He told The Associated Press on Saturday in the player’s plan.

The discussion between Eikel and Sabers was private, so he spoke on anonymous terms. Sabers are doing their athletes’ physical exercises on Wednesday, the day before the training camp opens.

Eiker has been sent off since March for maintaining a herniated disc in a match against the New York Islanders. The injury created a growing crack between the player and the team about how it should be treated as a long standoff in the off-season.

Eiker prefers to have an artificial disc replacement. Sabers opposes him performing this procedure because it has never been done in an NHL player.

If Aikel is physically disabled, Sabers is left with the option to put him on the injured list or long-term injured list because it is related to hockey. If Aikel chose not to report to the camp, the Sabers would have had the option to suspend the player.

Due to disagreements over how to treat injuries, Aikel wondered if he wanted to continue playing in Buffalo.

Sabers have been Actively shop for the faces of their franchise Most of the summer, but not yet attracting what they consider to be a fair offer.

Kevin Adams, general manager in July, said he wouldn’t be distracted if the captain was still on the roster after the training camp began.

“I’m worried about doing the right thing for Buffalo Sabers,” Adams said. “That’s why I think about what’s best to get rid of emotions and move forward, and if it makes sense, we do it.”

Eiker, 24, has an eight-year, $ 80 million contract with five years left and features a trade ban that begins next summer.

Eiker Last month’s witch agent Currently, it is represented by the creative artist agency Pat Brisson. Pat Brisson represents a number of prominent NHL players.

The change came a month after former Eiker agents Peter Fish and Peter Donatelli issued a statement aimed at putting pressure on the Sabers to promote trade. They contradicted Adams, writing that “the process wasn’t working” and saying that the team violated the recommendations of their medical staff in approving Eiker to undergo a disc replacement.


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