Air raids of rebels-Syria, said to kill at least 10 people

Amman — Syrian artillery attacks and Russian air raids killed at least 10 people this week in a surge in bombings in the last major region of the country in the hands of rebels, witnesses and civil defense officials said. Said.

They said seven civilians, including women and children, were killed when their home in the village of Ibreen in the mountainous Jabal Al-Zavia region of southern Idlib was fired from a Syrian military outpost.

At least four other rebels were killed when their fleet was attacked by Russian jets as they approached the village to rescue the survivors, and two civil defense workers. Told Reuters.

The northwestern corner of Syria is a scene of sporadic violence, but no widespread resumption of bombing has been seen since last year’s deal ended a Russian-backed aerial operation that expelled more than a million people.

Former rebel official and volunteer aircraft spotter Mohammed Rasheed said their network covering Russian air force bases in the coastal areas of Ratakia was at least six times in Russia in the village of Jabal al-Sauya. He said he had observed the assault.

“There have been shells and long-range missile escalations in the last few days,” Rashid added.

There were no immediate comments from Moscow or Syrian troops accusing the militant groups in the area of ​​breaking the armistice and attacking the military-owned areas.

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