Airbnb is proud to reach the “milestone” with a goal of accommodating 20,000 Afghan refugees and plans to accommodate an additional 20,000.

Airbnb announced on February 22 that it will accommodate an additional 20,000 after achieving its previous goal of accommodating 20,000 refugees from Afghanistan and other countries.

The San Francisco-based company is “pride” in achieving its previous goal of providing free housing to 20,000 Afghan refugees in a statement, calling refugees and other displaced persons around the world. He said he has marked an “important milestone” by continuing to support him. ..

The company has worked closely with the Biden administration, the International Rescue Commission (IRC), Church World Service (CWS), the Jewish-American nonprofit HIAS, and several other organizations that support refugee resettlement. I did.

Airbnb said it was able to provide refugees with free housing by donating to from Airbnb, CEO and co-founder Brian Chesky, co-founder and chairman Joe Gebbia, and donors to Airbnb. rice field. org Refugee Fund.

The company was able to accept an additional 1,300 Afghan refugees, thanks to Airbnb’s more than 7,100 hosts who offered free and discounted stays.

“When we started working to provide housing to Afghan refugees, we asked the community to open their homes or donate to meet this critical need. Hosts and The generosity of the donors to and the dedicated efforts of our non-profit partners to help drive this important task have helped us exceed our initial goals, “Chesky said.

The vacation rental company said it aims to provide free housing to an additional 20,000 refugees, including Central America.

We will also invest more to understand and track the impact of the program on people’s lives, in line with our diversity, equity and inclusion efforts.

“Recognizing the need for a deep and sustainable community-based infrastructure for successful integration, Airbnb ranges from donations and hosting at to volunteer resettlement. We will continue to seek ways to welcome Airbnb hosts and their broad community to Afghanistan refugees and other newcomers. Become an agency or sponsor, “the company said.

Airbnb is a resettlement agency to provide free accommodation to the next Afghan refugee following a major evacuation from the country after the Taliban terrorist group hijacked in August 2021. Announced that it is working with other non-profit organizations.

At the time, the company said, “It is well understood that the evacuation and resettlement of Afghan refugees in the United States and elsewhere is a serious humanitarian crisis. In the face of this need, our community Is ready to take a step again. Above. “

Chesky on Twitter on Tuesday, the company has housed 35% of all Afghan refugees arriving in the United States so far, and the majority of refugee families stay in Arlington, Seattle, Atlanta, San Diego, Omaha, Phoenix and Los Angeles. He said he was doing it. Florida Bay, Sacramento, Fort Worth, and Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Nova Scotia, Canada.

This announcement is made during an unprecedented illegal immigration at the southern border.

Last month, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and seven other Attorney Generals alleged abuse of the Central American Minor Program, a refugee program they claim to be “illegal,” President Joe Biden. Filed a lawsuit against the administration of.

The program allows illegal immigrants to petition the government to bring minor children and other families to the United States.

Earlier this month, Texas received millions of dollars worth of border wall material from the federal government to continue building the Mexican border barrier after being suspended by the Biden administration.

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