Airbus cancels orders for more planes in Qatar conflict

Paris — Two aircraft a few days after European aircraft manufacturers withdrew their 50 A321neos orders from Gulf Airlines after a $ 600 million contractual and safety dispute between Airbus and Qatar Airways deepened on Tuesday. I canceled my order for the A350-1000 jet.

Qatar Airways has sued Airbus for more than $ 600 million and refused to deliver more A350s until regulatory authorities received a formal analysis of the painted surface of 21 jets and the lightning protection beneath them.

Airbus, which has two completed A350s ready for delivery to Qatar Airways, provided the necessary information on the issue of surface degradation and said the damage was not a safety issue.

The plane maker said in a submission to a British court last month that it had declared Qatar Airways by default for two A350 jets that were completed and ready for delivery.

We also took the unusual step of canceling orders for 50 A321neo jets because the suspicion of default for larger planes triggered a clause that could cancel orders for the demanding A321neos.

Qatar Airways ordered an additional 25 options and 34 new 777X cargo ships in addition to the 25 competing Boeing 737 MAXs when the dominant Gulf chiefs visited Washington last week.

The airline denied in legal debate that it had broken the contract by refusing to board two A350s waiting at the Toulouse tarmac. It also states that Airbus does not have the right to claim a “cross default” that allows the cancellation of A321neo transactions.

An Airbus spokesman said on Tuesday that the company “has fully adhered to our rights and has terminated the delivery positions of Qatar Airways’ two A350s.”

There was no immediate comment from Qatar Airways.

Airbus received a total of minus 16 orders in the first month of the year after receiving 36 new orders, including cancellations of 50 A321neos and 2 A350-1000s in its January monthly summary. I pushed it into the minus area.

The plane maker delivered 30 planes in January.

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