Airbus CEO says supply chain is in a “difficult situation”


Montreal — Airbus is under increasing pressure on the aerospace supply chain, and managing problems is key to the industry’s recovery, a head of a European aircraft manufacturer said Tuesday.

“We really see that the supply chain is in a much more difficult situation than it used to be,” CEO Guillaume Foley told the Montreal conference on a videolink.

“We fear that supply chain management over the next 12-18 months will be the most difficult part of what we have to achieve to actually recover. Their situation is tough,” he said. ..

“If one, two, or three are the defaults, that’s the whole process at stake. Therefore, supply chain management is the key to the recovery of the world in front of us. . “

Foley was speaking to an economic conference hosted by the International Economic Forum in the United States via a video link from the United States where domestic travel is recovering from a pandemic. However, global business travel remains sluggish.

“Although we’re already seeing a recovery, it’s unlikely that (business trips) will return to 2019 levels over the years. Some companies are trying to cut travel to reduce emissions,” Foley said. increase.

“There are many business seats occupied by people who aren’t flying for business purposes. They are flying for leisure or meeting friends and family.”

Rival Boeing has previously revised its long-term demand forecast as the surge in domestic air travel in the United States softens the more pessimistic industry forecasts seen during the heyday of the coronavirus blockade last year.