Airbus delivers 58 jets to boost orders in November


Paris-Airbus delivered 58 aircraft in November and was tasked with accelerating monthly deliveries to 82 in December to reach its year-end target of 600.

European aircraft makers booked 318 new orders after the busy Dubai Airshow, but shut down last December and are in debt negotiations with 75 aircraft, including 28 A320neos from Interjet in Mexico. Deleted or canceled the jet plane.

The company said in a monthly magazine that between January and November, Airbus delivered 518 jets, sold 610, adjusted cancellations and then sold 368 in net.

Airbus deliveries frequently surge in the last months of the year, according to industry sources, but supply chain issues are slowing the pace of deliveries from Hamburg, Germany.

Airline executives say a handful of deliveries have been postponed to next year.

Nonetheless, November deliveries were slightly better than expected. Reuters reported last week that Airbus deliveries were expected to be in the mid-1950s in November.

Airbus delivered 21 aircraft in the last week of the month, compared to 15 in the last week of October.

Meanwhile, Interjet will resume flight in 2022 with 10 leased Airbus planes, after shutting down a year before its already suffering finances were hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.

Tim Heffer