Airline boss demands resumption of travel between Britain and the United States

British Airways, Virgin Atlantic and Heathrow airport bosses have joined senior US officials to call on them to resume their trip between the two countries. Advances in the G7 Summit in Cornwall.

The United States is currently on the amber list in the United Kingdom, and arriving travelers are required to quarantine for 10 days.

Virgin Atlantic CEO Shai Weiss said travelers should be able to enter the United Kingdom from the United States without the need for quarantine.

“There is no reason for the United States to be excluded from the UK’s green list.

“This overly cautious approach has not benefited from successful vaccination programs in both the United Kingdom and the United States.

“Although transatlantic routes to the United States are restricted, the UK economy suffers £ 23 million daily losses.

“We urge Prime Minister Johnson and President Biden to lead the way in opening the sky and make it a top priority at the G7 Summit.

“Customers, families and businesses need to book and travel with confidence. After the 15-month limit, it’s time to act.”

British Airways Chairman and CEO Sean Doyle called on men to “look at science and make decisions based on appropriate risk analysis.”

He said, “In the UK, this means tailoring the traffic light system to the purpose, including the road to unrestricted travel for vaccinated travelers.”

“The connection between the United Kingdom and the United States is one of the major drivers of the global economy,” said John Holland Kay, president of Heathrow.

“Scientific data show that cross-Atlantic travel and trade can be safely resumed, and daily delays in policy makers open up the financial opportunities for our country’s work, life, and hard-working people. It is unnecessarily endangered.

“We cannot remain trapped indefinitely.”

By Neil Lancefield

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