Airlines seduce passengers by lowering fares in new green countries


Coronavirus News covidnhs Vaccine Case Travel Rules & # xa0; & # xa0; -Steve Parsons / PA Wire

Coronavirus News covidnhs Vaccine Case Travel Rules-Steve Parsons / PA Wire

Airlines are lowering flight prices To a green-listed country to attract vacationers for the last-minute summer vacation.

Courageous travelers abroad will be rewarded with cheaper trips as fares for their most popular destinations have been reduced when the countries concerned have raised their government signaling systems.

Travel agencies are rushing to switch flight schedules to prioritize greenlist destinations in order to reverse the passenger population collapse caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

It was rumored to move to the Amber Plus category, but airfares to countries that remained amber have also fallen.

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Cholera outbreak kills about 700 people in Nigeria

The outbreak of cholera in Nigeria has killed about 700 people in recent years in one of the worst deadly bouts in the country.

Almost half of the cases have been recorded in the northwestern states of Kano and Zigwa in Nigeria, where most of the victims are children.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Nigeria said it has recorded thousands of cases in more than half of the country’s 36 states and is concerned that the outbreak may soon turn into an epidemic.

The surge in incidents since March puts further pressure on the national health system, which is already struggling to deal with the deadly third wave of Covid-19 fueled by the delta mutation.

Nigeria recorded more than 700 cases of coronavirus this Wednesday. This is the highest daily infection rate over 6 months. Doctors at Nigeria’s state hospital have been on strike since Monday over low salaries and dangerous working conditions, preventing authorities from trying to fight Covid-19 and cholera.

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Higher unemployment and lower wages: the curse of the Covid generation

For thousands of teachers and millions of school children across the UK, the hard work has just begun as they are preparing for a second consecutive set of pandemic-damaged GCSE and A-level results.

Experts believe that the impact of lost school education on careers, income, and the wider economy will reverberate for decades, and perhaps life.

According to experts, this was the most devastating period for education since World War II-Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images.

According to experts, this was the most devastating period for education since World War II-Jeff J. Mitchell / Getty Images.

Experts say students are victims of a lack of government planning, and the stingy Treasury has provided only £ 3.1 billion in catch-up funding-only a small part of what they claim is needed.

The total impact on students’ lost learning revenue can reach £ 40,000 over their lifetime and can cause significant economic damage in the long run.

Tom Reese Unravel the problems ahead of the Covid generation..

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AstraZeneca begins shipping vaccine doses from Oxford to Europe

AstraZeneca reports that it has begun shipping vaccine doses from its UK factory to the EU in a move that is expected to break the icy relationship between pharmaceutical giants and Brussels officials. Hannah Borland..

It is understood that doses of the Covid-19 vaccine produced at the Oxford plant began to be distributed to the continent after a lengthy controversy over why the site was not used to supply EU countries.

The facility, operated by Oxford BioMedica, was a problem in a recent proceeding between Brussels and AstraZeneca.

The pharmaceutical company claimed to have signed a contract with the UK government earlier than the EU and agreed to prioritize UK citizens when it comes to dosages in the UK.

As part of the ruling, a court in Brussels contradicts AstraZeneca’s decision not to use the facility with the terms of the EU contract that AstraZeneca has agreed to use “best reasonable efforts” for supply. I said there is.

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Leading scientists continue to be confused about how and why Covid spreads

In Italy in the 15th century, a mysterious epidemic struck the population and its origins, spread very mysteriously, and was named “influenza” after Italy’s “star influence”.

Nearly 600 years later, the world is facing a similarly complex respiratory virus of unknown origin and disruption of infectious dynamics.

After almost two years of scientific efforts that have given us multiple vaccines and drugs to fight the coronavirus, we still don’t fully understand how it spreads or how to stop it. Hmm. That is why the mask debate is intensifying.

One of the biggest debates among scientists is whether the virus is really levitating. This means that the virus is floating in sufficient quantity to have a significant effect on the infection.

Our scientific editor Sarah Napton I have this analysis..

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The number of Chinese variants continues to grow

China reported 96 new Covid cases on Saturday on the mainland, down from 107 cases the day before, state health officials said today.

Modern clusters were primarily driven by highly transparent delta variants.

Of the newly identified infectious diseases, 81 were locally infected.

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Brunei detects locally infected cases

Brunei has imposed strict regulations to stop the spread of Covid-19 after discovering a case of infection in the country for the first time in over a year.

The Ministry of Health said seven community outbreaks were found on Saturday, the government closed all places of worship and postponed social events for two weeks.

Large-scale events during this period will be limited to groups of 30 as school classes move online and restaurants are banned from serving meals.

The small Islamic sultans are largely uninfected with the coronavirus and have recorded only three deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic.

More than half of the 347 infections to date have been imported, and strict border controls and quarantine measures have controlled the spread of the virus.

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The fight against Australia’s Delta continues

Australia’s three most populous states, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland, today report 282 locally acquired Covid infections, and authorities struggle to quell the outbreak of delta mutations. doing.

New South Wales reported 262 new cases, down from a pandemic high of 319 seen on Saturday, killing more than 5 million people in the Sydney area along the coastline, already under a six-week blockade. ..

A woman in her 80s died overnight, bringing the total number of deaths in the current outbreak to 28.

Due to the state’s strict seven-day blockade, neighboring Victoria reported 11 newly acquired cases.

Queensland has recorded nine new local incidents, some of which have escaped the blockage today, but the city of Cairns has been sentenced to a three-day blockage following reports of an unexplained incident.

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  • In Italy in the 15th century, a mysterious epidemic struck the population and its origins, spread very mysteriously, and was named “influenza” after Italy’s “star influence”. Today, nearly 600 years later, the world faces the same. Respiratory virus confused, The origin is unclear and the transmission dynamics are confused.

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