Airpower puts US in strong position of deterrent against China: security expert

U.S. air power is a major deterrent against China, says Stephen Bryan, senior fellow at the Center for Security Policy.

“As far as the U.S. Air Force is concerned, the U.S. Air Force, Marine Corps aviation, and Navy aviation … I think is better than anything China has … and I am very confident. [would] We are doing very well with the Chinese Air Force,” Brien said.China in the spotlightOn January 27th at NTD, sister media of The Epoch Times

According to 2021 report According to The National Interest, China’s air power still lagged behind the United States in terms of stealth fighter, tanker and helicopter fleets.

“If we bring in air power, it will be a great opportunity to stabilize the situation that is unfolding in the region.

But according to Brien, the U.S. hasn’t updated its equipment in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria as quickly as possible despite the fact that “a lot of the equipment has been worn out in these wars” over the years. .

Step-up support for Taiwan

To effectively push back against China, experts say the U.S. will “increase its presence in the region and [and] Please restore some of our capabilities in Okinawa, Japan. ”

Bryan also called for increased support for Taiwan, especially the Taiwan Air Force, which he said was “an important part of the equation.”

He called on the United States to provide better training to Taiwan, saying that “Taiwanese people can benefit a lot from U.S. assistance.”

“We are very good at training and organising, how we conduct complex war exercises, and how we integrate different functions to maximize cost-effectiveness, efficiency and effectiveness.” he said.

strategic responsibility

Experts said the US should “be mindful of its strategic responsibilities.”

Ukraine, in his opinion, is not a strategic issue for the United States, but China is.

He shared the view provided by the Wall Street Journal report that the U.S. arms industry is unprepared for a conflict in China because of the enormous military spending on the Ukraine war.

He report The US has transferred thousands of shells from Israeli arms stockpiles to Ukraine and has asked the United States Forces Korea (USFK) to send 155 millimeter (mm) howitzer shells to the same destination.

“Consumption of shells and ammunition [there] They were laying them off in very large numbers on a daily basis, he pointed out.

A senior US defense official estimates that Ukraine is on fire. 4,000 to 7,000 Artillery rounds every day.

According to a report by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the United States has “delivered more than one million 155mm artillery shells to Ukraine and has placed orders to replace only a fraction of that amount. am”.

“We can’t support it. We don’t have the industrial base, the defense industrial base, and we’re ready to ramp up and produce supplies,” Bryan said, echoing the CSIS report.

He pointed to China’s growing aggressiveness toward Taiwan, Japan and South Korea, and said the United States should focus on the East Asian region.

“The threat to Taiwan is real and we really have to deal with it. I want to reset our foreign and domestic policy outlook. [in] especially, [our] Defense policy to recognize that and implement programs that really make a difference in terms of our security,” he said.

“[We should take] It’s a tough stance with China to keep us out of trouble and to get the world in trouble,” Brien said.