Airstrikes, rockets drag Israel-Gaza conflict on day 6

Gaza / Jerusalem — Israel beats Gaza with airstrikes and Palestinians terrorist A rocket was launched in Israel on Saturday, but there are still no signs that the worst escalation in a few years will be put to an end as the death toll increases after a six-day conflict.

US and Arab diplomats were trying to calm the situation after the night of violence they saw terrorist Approximately 200 rockets were launched in the city of Israel, which attacked what the terrorist group Hamas claimed to be the target used.

At least 136 people have been killed in Gaza since the outbreak of hostilities on Monday, with 34 children and 21 women injured and 950 injured, according to Palestinian medical personnel.

Israel has reported eight deaths, including soldiers on the Gaza border and six civilians, two of whom are children.

Israeli bombardment killed at least 12 Palestinians in Gaza, medical officials said. Among them are a woman and four children who died when a refugee camp house was attacked. Three others were killed and others were injured, according to medical personnel.

In Israel, thousands of Israelis ran for shelter as sirens rang. According to police, one of the rockets launched from Gaza collided with a house in the southern Israeli city of Beersheba. The media said some people dashed to cover and were injured in the town.

On May 15, 2021, Ashkelon sees a streak of light as the Israeli Iron Dome anti-missile system intercepts a rocket launched from the Gaza Strip toward Israel. (Amir Cohen / Reuters)

In Gaza, Akram Farouk, 36, left the house with his family after his neighbor said he had received a phone call from an Israeli officer warning that the building would be destroyed.

“I didn’t sleep all night because of the explosion, and now I’m out on the street with my crying and shivering wife and children,” said the 36-year-old.

Israeli forces said the aircraft attacked a rocket launch site and apartment belonging to Hamas terrorist.. A target said it fired a rocket in Jerusalem on Monday.

Hamas retaliates for Israeli police clashing with Palestinians near Al-Aqsa Mosque, Islam’s third holy place, after tensions over lawsuits to expel several Palestinian families in East Jerusalem As a result, the rocket attack on Monday was launched.

Regional and international diplomatic efforts have yet to show signs of stopping hostilities. Egypt, which has led the community’s efforts, sent ambulances across the border with Gaza to bring Palestinian victims to Egyptian hospitals.

Epoch Times Photo
Family and friends, including Israeli soldiers, mourn the flag-covered casket of Israeli soldiers Omertabib, who were killed during a cross-border battle with Gaza at a funeral in Eliakim, Israel, on May 13, 2021. I will. (AvishagShar- Yashuv / Reuters)

US President Joe Biden’s deputy assistant secretary for Israeli-Palestinian affairs, Hadi Amur, flew to Israel on Friday before a meeting of the UN Security Council on Sunday. Washington says it aims to “strengthen the need to work towards sustainable calm.”

Lace for cover

Palestinian casualties are now beyond Gaza. Palestinians who noted their expulsion in the 1948 war over Israeli creation on May 15 each year reported that 11 people were killed on the occupied west coast after a clash between protesters and Israeli forces.

In Israel, from the small towns bordering Gaza to Beer Sheva to Metropolitan Tel Aviv, people are now competing for a hideout when they hear siren screams, radio and television warnings, and red beeping warning messages on their cell phones. I am.

Hostility between Israel and Gaza has been accompanied by violence in a mixed Jewish and Arab community in Israel. A synagogue was attacked, an Arab-owned store was destroyed, and a street fight broke out. The Israeli president, who plays a predominantly ceremonial role, warned of the civil war.

Egypt’s security sources said Egypt was seeking a ceasefire on Friday and was able to begin negotiations. Cairo is leaning on Hamas and is pressing other countries, such as the United States, to secure an agreement with Israel.

Israel-Gaza Conflict
The mourners carry the bodies of Palestinians, including members of the Abuhatab family, who were killed in the rekindling of Israeli and Palestinian violence during a funeral near the wreckage of a building destroyed by an Israeli airstrike. Gaza City, May 15, 2021. (Mohammed Salem / Reuters)

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Egyptian and Jordanian foreign ministers discussed efforts to end the conflict in Gaza and prevent a “provocation” in Jerusalem.

“The Friday talks have taken a serious path,” Palestinian officials said. “Egypt, Qatar and UN mediators are strengthening contact with all sides to regain their composure, but no agreement has yet been reached.”

The United Arab Emirates called for a ceasefire and talks on Friday, condolences to all victims. In September, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain became the first Arab countries in the quarter century to establish formal relations with Israel.

Israeli forces said on Saturday that about 2,300 rockets had been launched from Israel’s Gaza since Monday, about 1,000 were intercepted by missile defense, and 380 had fallen into the Gaza Strip.

Citizens’ unrest between Jews and Arabs in Israel has hit Israel’s opposition to dismiss Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu after a series of decisive elections, with the prospect of a fifth vote in just two years. Was raised.

By Nidalal-Mughrabi and Rami Ayyub

Epoch Times staff contributed to this report