Al Sharpton leads Dawnte Wright’s ardent funeral

Daunte Wight's parents remember their son (Getty Images)

Daunte Wight’s parents remember their son (Getty Images)

maybe Rev. Al Sharpton Who is the best?

Who do you think the police are dealing with? Do you have children who have air fresheners?

Well, they were wrong, he said. Duantelite Was a prince, prince Brooklyn Center.. “Minneapolis has been shut down today to honor the Prince of the Brooklyn Center,” he added.

On Thursday, when a family of 20-year-old men, who were shot dead 10 days ago by police, performed a funeral, they tried to highlight the various chains of life that were terribly cut – his love for basketball, his beloved. His position as a man A brother, a beloved father, and a son whose smile is “worth a million dollars”.

Still, his life, and his deadly shootings after the traffic outage, killed others in the hands of the police, sometimes during a service infused with significant political and racial justice demands. Set in the background: George Floyd, Jamar Clark, Philando Castile, Breonna Taylor.

Most families or relatives of those people, along with Emmett Till’s family, were mentioned and honored during their service at the Shiro Temple International Ministry in Northern Minneapolis. Everyone was a member of “fraternity” and no one wanted to participate.

“We can never fill the holes in their hearts that were caused for no reason,” Sharpton said of Wright’s family.

Regarding the famous musical hero who died in the city in 2016, he added: Now that you have hurt one of our princes, we have begun to bury the prince of the Brooklyn Center. “

He describes a police officer charged with shooting and killing a young man after allegedly mistaken her handgun for a taser. Minneapolis has been shut down today to honor the Prince of the Brooklyn Center. “

These are busy days at Twin Cities. On Sunday afternoon, April 11, when Derek Chauvin’s trial was nearing its end, there was news that another unarmed black man had been killed.

Despite the body of his son lying on the streets of the Brooklyn Center, 10 miles north of Minneapolis, world media was warned by appealing for action from his mother, Katie Wright.

Death caused noisy days of protest, the firing of tear gas and rubber bullets, and the expulsion of 30,000 police chiefs in the city. As a result, Kim Potter, 48, an officer with more than 25 years of experience, was charged with manslaughter after deadly shooting a young man.

And when a jury in Chauvin’s trial convicted, only a second Minnesota police officer convicted of murder and the first white police officer revealed details of another deadly shooting. I made it. This time I’m a 16 year old black man. Girl-Makia Briant-Ohio.

Occasionally, incidents clashed and life stories were intertwined. Part of the reason is that lawyer Ben Crump sought justice on behalf of both Floyd and Wright’s family.

“The time will come when Dante Wright Jr., the son of Dante Wright, will be old enough to watch a video of his father being unnecessarily murdered,” Crump said. Minor crime, minor crime “.

He added: “Traffic suspension is a fatal sentence, a death sentence too often. [We need to tell his child] We stood up for his father, Downte. “

Lined up behind the church, young women kept wiping their eyes. She said she and Daunte Wright were friends and spoke in a text message.

20-year-old Diamond Hurd took out his cell phone and showed the final message from a young man. She didn’t answer. “I couldn’t say goodbye to him,” she said. “That’s why I started to say goodbye today.”

Printed service orders include pictures of young men posing with basketball trophies, laughing with their son, or easily laughing while driving somewhere with their family. Was full. The video showed him as a young man in shadow boxing, probably with his father.

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Sharpton pointed out that Dawnte was the most modern family and his parents had interracial relationships that were once illegal.

When they changed turns, his parents, Katie and Aubrey Wright, had a hard time staring at the white casket containing the remains of their son and speaking.

His mother said she was awake all night and was nervously trying to find the right words. Well, at this moment she couldn’t deliver them.

“I miss him very much,” she said. “My son had a smile worth a million dollars. When he walked through the room, he brightened the room.”

She talked about how happy he was to be a father and the “joy” his children brought to him. “He was very happy and very proud, and he said he couldn’t wait to be proud of his son.”

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His father said: “I don’t talk much, but I don’t know how I feel now.”

For part of the service, Grammy-winning jazz trumpet player Keyon Harrold played “Amazing Grace” when the artist painted Daunte.

Musicians became a big headline last year after a white woman mistakenly accused her son of stealing her cell phone at a hotel in New York. Unlike police at the Brooklyn Center, Crump said musicians “worse the situation.”

Many speakers have vowed to work to ensure the passage of George Floyd’s justice in a police bill already passed in the House of Representatives, and then go to the Senate. The bill aims to “save lives by banning strangler figs and knock ban warrants” and requires that “deadly forces be used only as a last resort.”

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar said she would fight for the bill in the Senate. “We can do more, we have to do more, because when we should go miles, the changes every inch It’s too long, “she said.



Meanwhile, Congressman Ilhan Omar handed the young man’s parents the US flag, which was blown from the US Capitol in his name.

“It’s time for police to understand that they aren’t over the law. They’re supposed to enforce the law,” Sharpton said.

He referred to the expired tag on Daunte Wright’s vehicle, claimed that police had stopped him, and claimed that the air freshener hanging from the mirror violated the law.

“We are coming today as a Minnesota air freshener and trying to get rid of the stench of racial profiling and police atrocities from the sky,” he said.

He added: “I’ve stopped Daunte because the tags have expired. Well, I’ve got Minneapolis that their tags have expired and the tags for white supremacism, injustice, inequality, and police atrocities. I’m now telling you that it’s expired. “