Ala. RepBrooks should not be dismissed from the Capitol riot proceedings.Behavior that is not “within” the job


Congressman Swolwell says Trump created a mob

Rep. Swolwell said Trump “made a mob by repeatedly sending messages over the months.”

Republican Rep. Mo Brooks excluded from parliamentary riot lawsuits alleging Congressman, former President Donald Trump, Trump’s eldest son Donald Trump Jr., and private lawyer Rudy Giuliani late Tuesday Concluded that it did not justify. Helped to incite a deadly attack.

Justice in a proceeding filed by Democrat Eric Swalwell can prove that he is acting “within his office” when Brooks attends a pre-siege rally in the Capitol. I found that it wasn’t.

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“Records show that Brooks’ appearance at the January 6 rally was an election campaign, and choosing one of the candidates in the federal election is not part of the U.S. business.” The Justice Department concluded.

“The House of Representatives is subject to many restrictions that carefully distinguish between official duties on the one hand and campaign duties on the other. Therefore, the act in question here is clerical for the House of Representatives to perform. It’s not like putting a place, or, as required by governing law, effectively within the time and space limits allowed. “

Swarwell filed a civil suit against Trump, his sons of the same name, Giuliani and Brooks in March, and they said, “A lie and incineration rhetoric campaign that led to the dismissal of the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021. Insisted that he was responsible.

Brooks is a target because he spoke at a trample rally near the White House earlier that day. Congressman urged the crowd to start “kicking his ass” and was quoted in the proceedings asking “Are you willing to do what you need to do to fight for America?” I am.

In another submission on Tuesday, Swolwell cast Brooks’ appearance on January 6 “to facilitate plans to severely disrupt electoral vote certification” by President Joe Biden.

The declaration of justice takes place hours after distressing the testimony From four law enforcement officers During the opening session of the House Committee’s investigation into the Parliamentary riots.

Police officers who described the brutal hand-to-hand combat with the mobs who were beaten and verbally abused in particular asked lawmakers to decide who instigated the attack.

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“It was like a medieval battle,” said Aquilino Gonel, a sergeant of the Houses of Parliament police who was soaked in corrosive chemicals and beaten by Paul. “We fought hand in hand one inch at a time to prevent violent mobs from invading the Capitol in an attempt to destroy the democratic process.”

Congressman Liz Cheney (R-WY) (R) greets US Capitol Police Sergeant. Aquilino Gonell.

Congressman Liz Cheney (R-WY) (R) greets US Capitol Police Sergeant. Aquilino Gonell.

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This article was originally published in USA TODAY: DOJ: Congressman Brooks should not be excluded from the January 6 proceedings