Alabama City Courthouse Closed, Street Closed

Police did not miss a chance when they answered the phone about two suspicious luggage on the stairs in front of the federal court in Alabama.

Tuscaloosa Police Station Document the situation On Facebook. They first went to the scene around 8:02 am on Monday, February 14, after two employees called in front of the building about an unknown piece of luggage.

According to police, police officers blocked the streets and set boundaries around the courthouse to prevent cars and people from passing through.

However, the Hazardous Equipment Unit of this department quickly discovered that the threatening package was two food packages from Taco Bell.

“Investigation revealed that the box contained what was identified as a delivery order containing Taco Bell’s tacos and burritos’ thirst packs,” police wrote on Facebook. “In addition to the regular tacos and Doritos Locostacos assortment, it was customized to include four sturdy five-layer burritos.”

By 8:20 am, police officers opened the road, removed the area around the courthouse, and dumped fast food.

The incident expressed laughter, admiration, and gratitude on social media.

“I think we need to do an internal investigation to see if they actually dumped the food in the trash. I would have eaten it myself,” he said.

“This is interesting, but … I haven’t been too careful these days. Great work TPD!” Another comment.

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