Alabama jumps Cincinnati to second place behind Georgia

Alabama jumped Cincinnati to second place behind Georgia in the Associated Press college football vote on Sunday, and Oklahoma dropped eight spots to 12th place after losing for the first time this season.

Georgia is unanimously No. 1. AP Top 25 Announced by Regions Bank The Southeastern Conference has won the top two teams in the sixth vote of the season for the sixth straight week.

Alabama and Georgia were flip-flopped on numbers 1 and 2 for five weeks in September and early October.

The switch from second place Cincinnati to Alabama was more about bearcats than Crimson Tide, which closed the UC gap to four points last week.

Alabama undertakes business for overmatched New Mexico Saturday. There is no surprise there.

Cincinnati remained undefeated thereafter Winner of South Florida 45-28 On friday night. It was the fourth straight week that Bearcats played the team with a losing record and played in a highly competitive match in the second half. It turned over a few more voters to drop Cincinnati.

Behind the Bearcats, after Oklahoma’s fall, 4th Oregon, 5th Ohio, 6th Notre Dame, 7th Michigan, 8th Michigan, and 9th Oklahoma all moved up one level.

Sooners were fourth before they were handed over First loss of the season at Baylor Saturday.

The bear went up to number 11 behind the number 10 Mississippi.

Voting points

Alabama has the longest current streak of top 5 appearances in 29 AP top 25s. Georgia is second after running that streak on 12 this week.

The third is Cincinnati in seven consecutive votes. Oklahoma came in five straight wins this weekend, but with that surge, the next best five straight wins will be Oregon in two consecutive votes.

Alabama holds the highest record ever in 68 Top 5 appearances in 2015-19.


All three teams entering the rankings this week were there early in the season.

— No.21 Arkansas is back Break LSU.. Razorbucks ran for five weeks in the top 25, reaching eighth place before losing three times in a row. After three consecutive victories, they are back.

— No. 23 San Diego is back after winning an important Mountain West game with Nevada. The Aztecs had a four-week stint in the ranking, but not in the last two weeks.

— No. 24 Utah was ranked before the season, dropped out after the second week of the regular season and returned several times. Ute is back again after winning 6 out of 7.


— Auburn struck a 28-3 lead against Mississippi, dropping to 6-4 and then dropping out.

— Pennsylvania State University for the first time this season Lose to Michigan at home, Nittany Lions lost for the fourth time in the last five games.

— Coastal Carolina debuted for the first time this season and recorded 22 consecutive weeks of victories. NS Chanticleer loses for the second time this season Injured quarterback Grayson McCall has been removed from Georgia State University’s lineup.

Conference call

SEC — 5 (No. 1, 2, 10, 16, 21).

Big Ten-5 (No. 5, 7, 8, 18, 19).

ACC — 3 (No. 13, 20, 25).

Big 12-3 (No. 9, 11, 12).

Pac-12 — 2 (No. 4, 24).

Americans — 2 (No. 3, 17).

Conference USA-1 (No.15).

Mountain West — 1 (No.23).

Sunbelt-1 (No.22).

Independence — 2 (No. 6, 14).


Ranking vs. ranking

7th Michigan, 5th Ohio.

21st Arkansas in 2nd Alabama.

No.24 Utah’s No.4 Oregon.

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