Alabama man maintains anti-Biden plate after state reversal

Oneonta, Alabama (AP) —Alabama apologizes for having gun shop owners keep a personal license plate representing an obscene slur against President Joe Biden and attempting to steal it. did.

Nathan Kirk, whose plate contains the acronym “LGBFJB” (a reference to political chanting followed by Biden’s sneaky insults), says the Alabama Revenue Department will allow him to continue using the plate on pickup trucks. He said he received the letter. The press reported.

The plate contains the initials of an obscene phrase commonly used by former President Donald Trump’s supporters to ridicule Biden, but the Oneonta man expresses the blasphemous words of the message. Denying that It’s just a “stupid tag”.

“But the meaning behind it seems like a victory. It’s not just a seizure that someone told me I couldn’t do anything, it’s what I was fighting for. Was the principle, “he said.

According to Kirk, the letters on the plate stand for the anti-Bidden phrases “Let’s go to Brandon” and “Forget Joe Biden” used by some opposition to the president. The state cannot be proved in any other way, he said.

“If one side can give their opinion, why should the other side feel like they can’t,” Kirk said.

Kirk applied for and received the plate in the fall, but in February the state sent a letter in February stating that the registration would not be renewed for that reason.

“The department does not allow” F-word “or such acronyms on personalized license plates. This is the only issue in the department regarding this plate, “said spokesman Frank Miles.

A reversal took place after tags became a hot topic on social and right-wing media. After attracting public attention, Kirk told that he had received another letter from the department stating that he could hold his license plate.

“The Alabama Revenue Department’s Automotive Department has decided that the above license plates will not be revoked. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.”

Kirk operates a gun shop in the countryside of northern Alabama and uses license plate images to promote on social media.