Alabama officials argue that the state should be able to ban gender-verifying health care by taking advantage of the Roe v. Wade overthrow.


Alabama transgender rights

Neil Rafferty, Alabama Legislature, speaks in support of transgender rights at a rally outside the Alabama Legislature in Montgomery, Alabama, on March 30, 2021. The state also argues that gender-affirming health care for transgender youth should be banned.Montgomery Advertiser via Jake Crandall / AP, File

  • The Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade case at the end of last month.

  • The court argued that abortion was not “deeply rooted in our history and traditions.”

  • Alabama is trying to use the same argument to ban care to confirm the gender of children.

Alabama parliamentarians use the Supreme Court’s decision Overturn the Roe v. Wade case To promote a gender-affirming medical ban for transgender children, Associated Press report.

Axios Steve Marshall, Attorney General of Alabama, reported that he had requested a federal court to withdraw the ban on care policies that confirm the state’s gender.

In their ruling to overturn the groundbreaking decision that legalized abortion in 1973, the Conservatives said that abortion was not a fundamental right of the Constitution and was not “deeply rooted in the history and traditions of the country.” The majority insisted.

Marshall uses the same legal reasoning to oppose gender-reconfirming care, Axios reported. AP is Marshall’s office simply On Monday, he argued that gender-affirming care was not “deeply rooted in our history and traditions” and could therefore be banned.

“Just as parental relationships unleash the right to the dew process and allow parents to obtain medical marijuana and abortion for their children, they do not unleash the right to transition treatment,” Brief said. “The Constitution reserves the power to determine that these sterile interventions are too dangerous for minors, not in the courts of medical interest groups, but in the state.”

During April Alabama has passed SB184. When Anti-trans bill The criminal doctor We provide gender-affirming care to our children.

In May, the judge issued an injunction to challenge the law. Axios report.

The law would have made providing sex-verifying medical care a felony punishable with up to 10 years in prison and a $ 15,000 fine.

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