Alan Dershowitz says lawyers tell him they don’t defend Trump because they don’t want to be deported or ‘cancelled’

Donald Trump at a rally for Arizona Republican candidates

Former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence was raided by the FBI on August 8.Mario Tama/Getty Images

  • Dershowitz said he had “concerns” about the capabilities of Trump’s legal team.

  • However, he said six other attorneys had contacted him and would not defend Trump.

  • Dershowitz said the lawyers’ best interest was “cancelled” to defend Trump.

Alan Dershowitz, the attorney who represented former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial in the Senate, said six attorneys had called him to say he would not defend Trump for fear of being “cancelled.” I said I said

Dershowitz took these comments news max Moderator Sean Spicer said on Monday that he had “concerns” about the quality of Trump’s current lawyers, but many qualified lawyers refused to represent him. .

“I’ve had six attorneys call me so far and say, ‘Alan Dershowitz, you’ve been canceled because of what happened to you, and we won’t defend Trump even if we want to.’ You could say he said,” Dershowitz said.

Dershowitz also said he lost his job and speaking engagements after representing Trump. Other lawyers saw him as an example of what would happen to them if they took Trump as their client.

“People don’t talk to you. People are furious with you. I had a lawyer say, ‘I just don’t want to be ‘Dershowitzed,'” he said.

Dershowitz commented, Washington Post This month we outlined how Trump has done have trouble finding a good lawyer to represent him.

Dershowitz also said this month that large corporate lawyers I was asked by the company not to mention the incident involving Trump.

“These companies want to keep their clients, and they know they’re going to lose a lot of clients if they represent Donald Trump,” Dershowitz told an insider. .

“Everyone who called me was reluctant to do it,” he added. “They want to say law firms won’t let them do it, husbands and wives won’t let them do it, kids won’t let them do it, friends won’t let them do it, to do it.”

Trump is currently represented by attorneys including: Arena HubbaNew Jersey Parking Attorney, Former One America News anchor Christina Bob.

Trump’s List of legal issues It includes an investigation in New York into whether the Trump Organization violated banking, insurance, and tax laws, and whether it engaged in financial fraud.he 5th sued over 440 times During his deposition in the case.

The former president could also face potential criminal charges following an investigation by the Justice Department over whether he mishandled classified documents. According to the search warrant for the Lago mansion, 11 sets of confidential documents Seized — DOJ I’m researching Whether Trump violated three laws, including federal law spy law.

Representatives of the media outlets after Trump took office did not immediately respond to requests for comment from insiders.

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