Alaska has experienced a magnitude 8.2 earthquake, the largest in decades

Alaska I experienced one of the biggest earthquake In decades on Wednesday night.

The magnitude 8.2 earthquake, which also caused the fear of a tsunami, occurred at 10:15 pm local time, with its epicenter 65 miles from the village of Perryville on the Alaska Peninsula. according to Alaska Earthquake Center. According to the US Geological Survey’s seismic records in Alaska, the earthquake is the largest since 1965.

There were no immediate reports of injuries or major damage, Alaska Dispatch Daily News report.


Tsunami warnings were issued shortly afterwards in various parts of the state. earthquake, But it was canceled after that. Residents were advised to move to higher ground in the event of an imminent tsunami.

“All #Tsunami alerts on the #Alaska coastline have been cancelled,” said the National Tsunami Warning Center. Said.. “Remember that strong and anomalous flow can last for hours. Report any damage to local officials. Stay safe and rest a bit. Continue to monitor. .good night.”

“We are now anxiously waiting, clarifying all the announcements about the waves. [our] Island “Mayor of Codiac Pat Branson Said CNN.. “The Emergency Operations Council was working to monitor the latest information and notify the general public. Citizens [evacuate].. “

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Branson added that the incident was “the strongest earthquake since 1964 and the third evacuation in 18 months, but now we are all well and grateful.”

The Wednesday earthquake was the third major earthquake that struck Alaska In the last 18 months, eight earthquakes of magnitude 7 and above have been recorded in the region since 1900. USGS..

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