Alberta Announces $187 Million in Combined Funding for Addiction and Homelessness


of Alberta Government announces over $124 One million More than 2 years with addiction When mental health services of edmonton When Calgary, plus $63 One million aimed at reducing homeless ofprefecture at the same time.

of fundraising For Edmonton When Calgary steps toward increasing treatment space while expanding addiction services for $70 One million Allocate to capital investment When $54 One million assist the operation.

75-bed co-educational long-term care facility to be operational of Edmonton, similar facility to be built by end of 2023 of Calgary by early 2024.

$63 One million is to support the steps outlined of government action plan on homeless.

Prime Minister Jason Kenny emphasized the government’s recovery-based approach. Dependence problem when he announced fundraising Saturday calls out British Columbia’s recent move to decriminalize possession of small amounts of hard drugs of January “Reckless”.

of Area of ​​addressing Dependence, there are many who believe that recovery is a false hope. Impossible, When Instead, what we should really do is encourage danger. Dependence Instead of offering an outlet to freedom from addiction,” Kenny said during the presentation at the Herb Jamison Center in Edmonton.

“The bottom line is to give people a chance to fight their way out of the grip of addiction and give people a chance to build a new life that is safe and fulfilling.

“Recovery works. It’s not a new concept or an untested utopian theory,” he said.

under Alberta Plans to expand number of winter shelter spaces of Communities like Edmonton, Wetakiwin When Lethbridge, When of Rural areas in emergency When unmet needs.

All state-funded shelters also provide access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. fundraising Equalized across community-based organizations of edmonton When Calgary.

of fundraising $5 included One million Create up to 450 additional shelter spots of Edmonton Brings Number Of Emergency Spaces of Over 1,000 cities.

Plan also includes $2.5 One million of In 2022-2023 we will test the so-called service hub model of 2 pilot programs of Calgary When Edmonton. These six-month programs connect people directly to support. When services such as Dependence recovery, housing When Emergency financial assistance starting this fall.

on the other hand, Dependence fundraising Used to enhance the outreach team’s capabilities directly through the Edmonton Police Department. When AlbertaHealth services that provide support When Overdose Prevention Service.Implementing similar service development of Calgary.

Edmonton Police Chief Dale McFee praised the fact that housing options include mental health support. When Dependence He personally thanked Kenny for the new things. fundraising.

“This is the single biggest investment I’ve seen in my career. of Instead of actually addressing the system, you put a lot of money into silos that are actually causing a lot of problems,” McFee said in the announcement.

Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi said: fundraising address the root cause of homeless, When It also commended the fact that the state had submitted in response to a request to provide an enhanced plan for when prisoners were released from correctional facilities.

of In July, the city requested a hub for social workers and firefighters When Security forces can work together to reduce crime When deal with spikes of downtown violence, of Chinatown near me When in the transit system.

“These investments show that our collaborative approach is working. When Together, we are making a difference in the lives of struggling Edmontonians,” Sohi said in the announcement.

But NDP critics for seniors When Residential Lori Sigurdsson said of News releases cut by the Kenny administration fundraising As for housing, note that the government has not provided operations, leaving buildings that may have opened months ago empty. fundraising.

“The funds announced today have not yet begun to address the deeper need for permanent supportive housing, social housing. When affordable housing of This state,” she said.

More than 6,400 Albertans had experienced it, according to the province homeless— Including approximately 4,000 people in emergency shelters or on the streets as of January 31.

Alberta Opioid-related deaths surpass 1,600 of 2021 years.

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