Alberta border protest opens lanes in both directions

Alberta has room for protesters to pass by trucks and cars to prevent Katz from crossing the major US borders of Katz.

After the opposition agreed, the vehicle was moved to the right side of Highway 4, clearing one lane in each direction. Partial pullback It arrived on February 2nd.

The vehicle was the first to block its course from January 29, in solidarity with a truck convoy that drove to Ottawa to protest COVID-19’s obligations and restrictions. Protests in southern Alberta have entered day six.

The protester’s lawyer, Chad Williamson, said truck drivers “feel like they’ve finally heard their message.”

“It does not mean that the protest is over, but it does show that we want continued heartfelt efforts to address the concerns of those involved in the movement here in Katz.” Williamson said in an interview with a Canadian Press February 2nd.

Meanwhile, another blockade was set 18 kilometers north near the Milk River. Hundreds of vehicles continued to gather on either side of the freeway, and the corners rang, causing a long line of RCMP vehicles to block the freeway.

In the latest update, RCMP Said Although the reopening of Highway 4 from the Milk River to the border is progressing, travel in the area was still hindered. They said drivers in the north of the highway could expect cavalry to escort them to the border.

“We will continue to work with blockade participants to reestablish safe passages,” RCMP said on Twitter on February 2.

“Due to ongoing protests and congestion that could jeopardize the safety of officers and the general public, these escorts will continue until further notice. Due to the expected long delays, travelers will continue. You have to avoid the area. “

Police said they were ready to be arrested at Katz Crossing on February 1, but withdrew from safety concerns.

Police said some vehicles left peacefully, while others, including tractors, passed through the police blockade and joined the blockade. Police also said the two vehicles had a head-on collision, causing the assault, but police did not report any serious injuries.

On February 1, Alberta’s Premier Jason Kenny said he had been informed that the Mountains had been swarming and assaulted and attempted to collide with a police car.

RCMP has not confirmed Kenny’s statement. The Prime Minister’s Office did not disclose where and how the information was received.

Canadian Press contributed to this report.

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.