Alberta Conservative Government Shuffles Cabinet in Leadership Competition

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny has announced several cabinet changes following his resignation related to the party’s leadership competition. Environment Minister Jason Nixon is now permanently taking over as Finance Minister.

“As Alberta continues to experience strong economic growth and job creation, our focus is on providing a stable and stable government that can continue this growth,” Kenny changed late Tuesday afternoon. Said in the news release that announced.

“We are confident that these cabinet changes and new members of the table will contribute to even stronger growth and prosperity in the future.”

The change will occur after Kenny’s Cabinet Ministers Travis Tause, Rebecca Schultz and Rajan Thorny have recently resigned to participate in leadership races.

The three have resigned to avoid conflicting interests in the contest. Toews left the financial portfolio three weeks ago, and Nixon took over these duties along with the environmental and park portfolio.

Schultz was in charge of servicing children and Thorny was in charge of transportation.

All three have been in Kenny’s cabinet since the first attack on April 30, 2019.

Whitney Ishik, Deputy Minister of Women’s Status, is now taking over Nixon’s old job as Minister of Environment and Parks.

Calgary-Southeast MLA Matt Jones is the new minister of services for children, and Calgary-Curry member Nicholas Milliken will lead the infrastructure as the current Minister of Infrastructure Prasad Panda moves to the transport portfolio.

Backbencher Brad Rutherford will become a non-profit minister, will also be in charge of whip, and Jackie Armstrong Homeniuk will move to the cabinet as deputy minister of female status.

Changes may be temporary.

The party chooses a new leader on October 6th, and the replacement is expected to put their own stamp on the cabinet.

The next election is approaching, and the polling date is set to May 29, 2023.

The leadership race was called after Kenny announced that he would resign soon after receiving only 51% of the party’s leadership review a month ago.

When a new leader is selected, he quits his top job.

There are five other candidates for the race, including party backbenchers Brian Jean and Leela Aheel.

Independent member Todd Lowen, who was voted by UCP Caucus for calling Kenny to resign over a year ago, is also running.

Former Wild Rose leader Daniel Smith and Bill Rock, mayor of the village of Amisk, have also announced.

Calgary Conservative Rep. Michelle Lempel Garner said on social media last week she was also considering bidding.

Admission is $ 150,000 and the deadline for submitting the application to run is July 20, one month from now.

Dean Bennett

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