Alberta restaurant temporarily closed to accept dog photos instead of vaccination evidence

The restaurant in Red Deer, Alberta will be partially closed on 14 January after state health officials find that staff are not requesting a proof of COVID-19 vaccination or a negative test result. I was ordered.

Instead, at a restaurant called The Granary, according to Alberta Health Services (AHS), customers were able to present their dog’s photo and personal ID to dine in-store.

Some of the state health authorities’ closure orders said: “A survey was conducted on January 11, 2022, and complaints were confirmed as two test shoppers were able to enter and eat at the above facility. Dog photo (vaccination / QR) As an alternative to the code) and personal identification information of the staff. “

On January 14, after the AHS, the facility was closed for in-house meals. issued “Order for partial closure of executive officers”.

The Epoch Times spoke with restaurant co-owner Patrick Malkin. He expressed dissatisfaction with Alberta’s “level of restrictions occurring in this country and state.”

“The restaurant industry as a whole has been hit hard and it’s very frustrating what’s going on,” Malkin said.

“Looking at the numbers the government is giving us, I’m not convinced where the spreads come from. I don’t believe it comes from restaurants.” He said The Granary was forced to shut down. He added that on January 15th, the day after, he received unprecedented support from the community and community, including many who have signs expressing their support for the restaurant.

Malkin said the restaurant has been a great supporter of the local community since it opened in late 2019, supporting Red Deer’s sports team and giving back to the community as much as possible. “When we were closed, we feel that the community supported us and said,’Hey, this isn’t right.’ “

Malkin said the problem was not the polarization created by the COVID-19 mitigation measures. Rather, he believes the real question is whether the government can close the business. “And many feel that they shouldn’t be able to do it.”

In a Facebook post published on January 14, The Granary told patrons directly: We are retraining and reorganizing on weekends. We look forward to working with you as soon as we are ready to resume. “

A server working in Granary, who didn’t want to be identified, said hundreds of people came to the cafeteria for takeaway the day after health officials imposed a face-to-face meal ban. Average daily takeout amount for restaurants.

After that, the closure order was lifted and The Granary was able to eat face-to-face from January 17th.

According to Granary’s Facebook post, he planned to offer free coffee for “all phone takeaways” on weekends when restaurant dining was interrupted.

According to the state Restriction exemption program (REP), companies including restaurants and bars must require all patrons over the age of 12 to submit a vaccination certificate, a negative test result, or a medical exemption document. ..

Despite the recent closure, Malkin reiterated how supportive the community was. He added that the Granary has received multiple honors and praises from the community since it opened more than two years ago. For example, in one online poll, The Granary in 2021 received the Platinum Award, the highest honor of all Red Deer restaurants.

Matthew Truman


Matthew Trueman is a freelance reporter and translator based in Toronto.