Alberta Stops Fuel Tax Collection and Offers $ 150 Electricity Refund

The Alberta government will stop collecting fuel taxes in April and will allow a $ 150 refund on Alberta’s electricity bills as energy costs continue to rise.

and Press conference On March 7, Prime Minister Jason Kenny said rising energy costs were caused by uncertainty caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and inflation caused by Justin Trudeau’s “reckless deficit spending” and green energy policy. I thought it was due to the rapid increase in energy.

“The Alberta government has asked the Trudeau Liberal Party to listen to Canadian concerns and deal with rising inflation, but Ottawa is doing the exact opposite,” Kenny said. “A big joke on April Fool’s Day raised the homicidal carbon tax further on April 1. At the worst time, the federal government would add 3 cents per liter to the cost of gas.”

“When life really begins to return to normal, and suddenly now, people are worried about how to pay to fill their petrol tanks and buy groceries.”

Kenny said a “bold decision” to abolish Alberta’s 13 cents per liter fuel tax on gasoline, diesel and marked fuels will come into effect on April 1. WTI) Oil prices are over US $ 90 a barrel.

State petrol tax revival When the price of WTI falls below $ 80 a barrel again. If the WTI price is between $ 85 and $ 90 and 9 cents per liter, a fuel tax of 4.5 cents per liter will be levied. liter If the WTI price is between $ 80 and $ 85.

As of March 7, WTI Price over $ 120Compared to $ 65.05 at this time last year.

According to Kenny, the program will be reassessed quarterly, but the tax cut will be valid until the next budget in Alberta in March 2023.

Alberta Finance Minister Travis Toews Said The government has no legal means to force gas retailers to cut prices following fuel tax cuts, but the state will “pressure” them to do so.

“We pay attention to pricing Action Of a retailer, “he said. “And we will provide enough time for retailers to be effectively confident that the taxes currently in their inventory will be refunded in addition to that.”

In addition to reducing fuel taxes, Kenny said he plans to introduce a $ 150 electricity rate refund to help families with high electricity rates encountered in the past winter. rice field. He added that retroactive rebates are automatically applied and cover “almost all households.”

“We have introduced the law and will take action as soon as possible to achieve this. We have to work with more than 45 energy providers in the state, so it will take some time for Albertin to actually receive the rebate. It may take, “he said.

The government said more than one million families and businesses are expected to receive a $ 50 monthly rebate for three months. Press release March 7th.

The combination of these new measures will provide families in Alberta with $ 1.3 billion in annual fuel tax revenues and nearly $ 300 million in electricity rebates, Kenny said.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a Toronto-based Epoch Times reporter.