Alberta suspends coal exploration in the Rocky Mountains while talks are underway

Alberta Prime Minister Jason Kenny and Energy Minister Sonia Savage will respond to federal approval of the Trans Mountain Pipeline in Edmonton, Alberta on June 18, 2019. (AmberBracken / The Canadian Press)

Edmonton — Alberta has immediately stopped exploration in the Rocky Mountains while continuing to consult the public about the mine.

The panel struck to conduct the talks states that it is responding to concerns raised by Albertan, including those who participated in the online survey.

According to the state, about 25,000 Albertans participated in the survey between March 29 and April 19.

The first review of the results states that many Alberts show serious concerns about coal exploration.

Energy Minister Sonia Savage has instructed coal companies to stop exploration and has indicated that they will work together.

The investigation and panel were created by the United Conservative Government after faced with strong resistance to state summits and plans to dramatically expand open pit mines in the hills.