Alberta’s premier apologizes for past comments on Ukraine-Russia conflict

Alberta’s Prime Minister Daniel Smith has apologized for his past remarks about the Ukrainian-Russian conflict before he was elected.

Smith made a statement October 18th, reconfirmation Condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and apologized for past comments.

“I firmly condemn the Russian aggression against Ukraine and the unspeakable suffering it still inflicts on the Ukrainian people,” she said.

“Before returning to politics earlier this year, I made some ill-informed comments about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We apologize for the comments.”

and Live stream from On April 29, Smith was asked about her thoughts on a Ukrainian-Russian “peace plan” that no one seems to be pushing.

“It’s ridiculous that Canada has nuclear weapons and is allied with Russia and doesn’t think it will upset America,” she replied.

“So why should we be surprised if Russia is upset because Ukraine has nuclear weapons and is allied with the United States?”

Ukraine surrendered nuclear weapons in the 1990s.

“So I think the only answer for Ukraine is neutrality,” she said, adding that if we missed anything or there were new developments, let us know.

On February 24, Smith also Posted comments presents her first take on the Ukrainian-Russian conflict.

“It seems to me that the world powers did a terrible job of defining the country’s new borders after World War II,” she wrote.

“Many of the conflicts we have experienced since then have resulted from the cramming of different peoples who hate each other under one national government. I’ve read that I feel more familiar with Should nations be allowed to govern independently and independently? Is that what people want or is it propaganda?

In a statement on Tuesday, Smith said, “We are actively reaching out to Ukrainian community leaders in Alberta to confirm immediate steps to help Ukrainian refugees settle and integrate into communities across Alberta as quickly as possible. He said he had instructed the office to contact him.

“I support Ukraine and the people of Ukraine.”

Isaac Theo


Isaac Teo is a Toronto-based reporter for the Epoch Times.