Alex Jones says Trump is ignorant or “one of the most evil men ever to live” in a Christmas day message

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones Issued a “warning” to the former president Donald TrumpCalls him “ignorant” or “evil” to encourage people to take Coronavirus vaccine..

The infamous radical Talking Head commented at the InfoWars show on December 25th.

“This is an urgent Christmas warning to President Trump. You are completely ignorant of the so-called” vaccine “gene therapy that helped you rush at Operation Warp Speed, or you’ve ever lived. One of the most evil men, “Mr. Jones said.

In the past, Mr Jones was a strong supporter of Mr Trump, but there was no doubt.Jones is reportedly Helped to secure the funds For the “Stop Stealing” rally that eventually turned into a Capitol riot on January 6th.

The change in conspiracy theorists’ tone seems to have been caused by a recent statement that Mr. Trump praised the coronavirus vaccine and encouraged conservatives not only to take shots, but also to celebrate and consider it a conservative victory. is.

“What I said to Candace Owens was nothing more than a dirty lie raft,” Jones said at the show.

Jones referred to Mr. Trump’s interview with right-wing provocateur Owens. During the talk, anti-baker Ms. Owens said that the coronavirus vaccine would not work as more people died from Covid-19 since the vaccine became available after Joe Biden took office. I tried to vaccinate.

Mr. Trump cut off her and quickly upset her debate, claiming that the vaccine worked and that sick and dying people were not vaccinated.

“No, the vaccine works, but … it’s the unvaccinated people who get very sick and go to the hospital. But that’s still their choice. Trump said,” If you get the vaccine, you’re protected. “The results of the vaccine are very good, and when vaccinated, it is a very minor form. Vaccination does not kill people.”

Mr. Trump has long been a supporter of vaccines and sees it as the best achievement of his administration. On a speaking tour earlier this month, Mr. Trump encouraged an overwhelmingly conservative audience to be proud of the vaccine.

“I think this was the Spanish flu of 1917,” Trump told the crowd. He booed him knowing he had taken a booster shot. “This will go far beyond the current situation and devastate the country. Trust it.”

Owens had regular access to briefings detailing findings from leading pandemic scientists, and Trump had the same vague website she used for “independent research.” He was “too old” to find, suggesting that he was pre-vaccinated.

“People often forget how old Trump is,” she said. “He’s from a generation. I’ve seen older people have exactly the same perspective, for example, before television, before the internet, before doing independent research. And everything they read in the newspapers they pitched to them believed it was a reality. “

Despite Mr. Owen’s best efforts to alleviate the cognitive dissonance experienced by viewers with Mr. Trump’s vaccine support, the real explanation for the former president’s position is probably what is his age and his pride. There is no relationship.

Following a speech tour that admitted that Mr. Trump took a booster shot, New York TimesMaggie Huberman asked the former president’s team why he didn’t play the ball at points in the wider Republican anti-vaxx story. She was handed a handwritten note with the signature of the former president.

“We have to tell the truth-and we are very proud to have produced the three vaccines so quickly,” the memo said. “Millions of lives have been saved around the world. Best wishes for Donald.”