Alex Jones stops testifying to sober up after disastrous court day

Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

Joe Buglewicz/Getty Images

rear Disastrous first day on the standsAlex Jones skipped testifying Friday in a Connecticut defamation trial and returned to Texas, but not before embarking on a heated outcry outside the court over “unfair” proceedings.

Things derailed on Thursday shortly after the right-wing conspiracy theorist began testifying, and at one point Jones’ antics prompted Judge Barbara Bellis to tell her attorneys to physically restrain him from speaking. In his testimony, Jones referred to opposition lawyers as “ambulance chasers” and suggested that one of them was part of the “mafia” family that controls Connecticut.

“Is this a struggle session, are we in China?” Jones erupted at one point. “I’ve already said sorry hundreds of times, but I’m done.”

Alex Jones loses his shit in latest Sandy Hook trial: ‘I’m sorry and I’m done!’

A six-member jury found eight families and one person suing Jones after he said he received death threats and persistent abuse from followers of the conspiracy theorist who dismissed the 2012 Sandy Hook school shooting. Determine how much the former FBI agent owes Jones. con man. His 20 children and six of his teachers who died at an elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut, were just “crisis managers” the government used to start helping to tighten gun control, Jones said. claimed at the time.

Last month, in a related trial, Jones was ordered to pay nearly $50 million to the parents of six-year-old Jesse Lewis, who died in the Sandy Hook massacre.

“I cannot put into words the nine and a half years that I and others have had to endure because of Alex Jones’ recklessness and neglect.” Lewis’ father, Neil Heslin, said on the stand.

In court Friday morning, Jones’ attorney, Norm Pattis, told Bellis that he would not bring the client back to the stand today in order to “lower the temperature.” Instead, Jones will be back next week. C’mon, said Pattis.

Outside, where Jones apparently wasn’t sworn in, he held a different kind of court before a corps of reporters.

“Everything I say here is forbidden to say there,” Jones ranted, calling the proceedings a “show trial” that would not be out of place in North Korea. (In reality, Bellis banned Jones from saying certain things about the financials of his wildly popular Infowars webcast because he refused to participate in the discovery process.)

“It’s basically like a boxing match where one guy has his arms tied behind his back and his mouth gagged,” Jones falsely claimed. “I mean, this is completely fraudulent. This is an absolute, total fraud.”

Continuing his open-air discourse, Jones accused Chris Mattei, the attorney representing the eight Sandy Hook families and former FBI agent William Aldenberg, of “getting completely out of hand.” [on Thursday], trying to piss me off, trying to drive me out of control. He claimed that Mattei wants “to siphon money from people, so there will be a ruckus there.”

Jones, who has an estimated net worth of about $270 million, has cried out in poverty, claiming that the millions of dollars his company generates won’t come back to him.

“The good news is that I have very little money, even though they lie about the press. But then I get all this crew and all the advertising, all the legal fees, and after I pay the taxes, I get millions of dollars a year. After I pay my bills, I am almost completely out of money.So it’s a joke.I’m bankrupt.”

He compared himself to mainstream talk radio hosts like Don Imus and Howard Stern, arguing that people are “hungry for real independent analysis and commentary and opinion.”

“But instead, I’m a populist, conservative, nationalist patriot Christian,” Jones said.

Before rushing off, Jones bellowed: they want your gun They want your whole world. they want you for the rest of your life But in the end, America is waking up to them and the shadow government.

Back inside, Mattei told Bellis that Jones held an emergency press conference during which he urged the jury to independently investigate the facts of the case. I’m here. A court clerk told Bellis that four of his six jurors had left the building during intermission. Bellis feared that he had heard Jones’ faint soliloquy, but the clerk believed that he had not come out of the front where Jones had been.

In Jones’ defense, Pattis told Bellis that he walked away because Jones had no cunning orders and the press didn’t give him a fair shake.

When Bellis brought the jurors back to court, she told them to ignore Jones’ requests to conduct their own investigation.

“You have to follow my instructions. I’m sure you will,” she said before laying them off for the weekend.

Following Jones’ courtroom outburst on Thursday, Bellis said from the bench that he would begin enforcing a “zero-tolerance” policy with contempt charges against violators.

“He can’t control himself,” Jones said. Ex-wife Kelly told the Daily Beast earlier this month“He is not a conscious person in the same way that you and I are… The jury trial that Alex faces as he engages in actions to convince the audience to send him more money is It will be his day of reckoning.”

The procedure will resume on Tuesday.

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