Alex Murdow surrenders after confessing to an insane plot




South Carolina lawyer Alex Murdo He will turn himself into an authority on Thursday in connection with a phenomenal plan to have his alleged drug dealer shoot him to death so that his son can raise $ 10 million in insurance money.

Murdo’s lawyer has confirmed that The Daily Beast has a warrant to arrest a client for a plot to attempt insurance fraud.

“He will surrender voluntarily tomorrow, and the prosecution and bond hearing will be held at 4 pm at the Magistrates’ Court in Hampton County,” lawyer Jim Griffin said Wednesday.

Murdow’s arrest will take place two days after his former client and co-defendant Curtis Edward Smith has been charged with numerous crimes such as insurance fraud and suicide assistance. Failed September 4th shooting.

Authorities say Madau Recognized in the scheme I handed a gun to Smith and shot him in the head. According to Buster, Mr. Madau hoped that his death would lead to the payment of $ 10 million in insurance to his only surviving son. According to the arrest affidavit, Smith also acknowledged his role in the plot and the removal of the gun.

Murdo’s lawyer portrayed him as a man suffering from mental illness and drug addiction, swayed by the June killings of his wife and other sons. They say he is working with an investigator.

“He didn’t want law enforcement agencies to spend more time on this fake crime, rather than focusing on resolving Maggie and Paul’s murder,” lawyer Dick Harpootlian said on Wednesday. Told. today show.

Alex Madau shooting was a twisted suicide insurance ploy

Murdaugh’s arrest warrant is A dazzling story of the Deep South It surrounds prominent lawyers who have ruled the Lowcountry region for decades.

It was three months after Madau found his wife, 52-year-old Maggie, and his 22-year-old son, Paul. Shot dead in a family mansion.. At the time, Paul was waiting for a trial of his role in the 2019 rowing crash that killed a teenage girl, but it’s not clear if he likes the two tragedies.

Murdo’s lawyer said on Wednesday that he began to fall deep into opioid addiction when authorities investigated the double murder.

Within hours of the shooting, Murdau suffered a superficial head injury and made a surprising announcement that he had quit his grandfather’s founding companies, Peters, Murdau, Parker, Elzros and Detrick, and entered rehab.

Wild shooting in South Carolina Police officers heat up lawyers in Saga

The law firm then counterattacked in its own statement hours later, saying Murdo was actually evacuated a few days before discovering “abuse of funds.” The South Carolina Law Enforcement Department is currently investigating the company’s allegations.

Halptrian admitted on Wednesday that the client had spent money to undertake opioid addiction, saying, “Probably some of the client’s and law firm’s money was converted to his use, most of which was spent on opioids. It became clear. ” ..

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