Alex Salmond says independent Scotland should not immediately pursue full EU accession

Aruba's leader wants his new party to establish Holyrood & # x002018; Supermajority & # x002019 ;.  For Post-Election Independence in May-David Moir / & # xa0; Reuters

Aruba leaders want his new party to establish a “super-majority” in Holliudo for post-election independence in May-Davidmore / Reuters

Alex Salmond is an independent Scotland We should not pursue full EU accession immediately, but should establish our own currency “immediately” with new attacks Nicola Sturgeon’s Constitutional Strategy..

The· Former prime minister He claimed that the SNP case for separation had been “frozen in Aspic” and had not considered dramatic changes since the defeat of the Jesus campaign in 2014.

He suggested that independent Scotland, as a member of the European Free Trade Association (EFTA), should initially have a Norwegian-style relationship with Europe. This will allow Scotland to maintain access to the UK domestic market and the UK’s common travel areas.

Sturgeon Determined to rejoin the EUThat said, this probably means a border with the UK and a trade barrier with the UK, with Scottish companies doing most of their business.

Aruba leaders, who want the new party to make Holilud’s “super-majority” independent after the May elections, have also criticized SNP’s monetary stance.

In Ms. Sturgeon’s current plan, the Scottish state will continue to spend the pound indefinitely before finally shifting to its own currency.

Instead, Mr. Thurmond highlighted the idea of ​​operating a “dual currency” in which Stirling was used while the Scottish currency was being introduced. He said the Scottish currency may not be ready on the first day of independence, but it should be set urgently.

“The world has changed since 2014 and has changed completely,” Thurmond told Aruba’s policy conference, citing Brexit and a pandemic. “The geopolitical background of Scottish independence has changed in the seven years since the first referendum.

“But one thing that hasn’t changed is the SNP’s policy and the framework of independence that remains frozen in Aspic. The event overtook the Scotland’s economic plan for independence over the past few days. Approval is as obvious as it is anxious. “

He argued that his coveted position on the currency in 2014 (which Britain claimed to agree with the currency union even after all major parties excluded it) was correct at the time.

However, he argued that low interest rates and borrowing costs meant that they were “very urgent” in setting the Scottish currency.

“We may need a transition period. We may need to invest in dual currencies because our assets and liabilities are still in Sterling,” Salmond said.

In Europe, the transition to a full member state of the EU will take “years”, but the acquisition of EFTA member states, the access to the European single market, will take months, he said.

“At least as a tentative proposal, it would be beneficial to stay within the customs unions of the UK countries and certainly within a single travel area throughout the British Islands,” he said.

“In time, Scotland will be able to secure the country’s tradeable economic base and make decisions about the best permanent route to move forward.”

However, Mr. Strom Thurmond accused Mr. Thurmond of damaging the cause of independence by postponing undecided voters. She insisted that if he won the Holyrood election, he would not work with him.

“When I hear the stories of people who talk about the sturgeon, they sound like they think we can bang the path to independence. That needs to be persuaded. I almost despise people, “said Sturgeon.

“I’m not particularly interested in arm wrestling contests with other people about who favors most independence. I’m open-minded, but I’m interested in persuading people who still need to be persuaded. there is.”

LibDem parliamentarian and former Scottish Secretary Alistair Carmichael criticized Salmond’s plan to abandon the pound, but said Sturgeon had no better solution to the currency problem.

“The promotion of Alex Salmond’s independence in 2014 was ultimately built on the rocks of currency controversy,” he said. “Seven years later, nothing has changed. He has no answer yet, but he wants to game the system to bulldozer past real problems like currency.”