Alexandria Ocasio Cortez accuses Joe Manchin of opposition to HR 1 and says conservative lobbying firms are doing a “victory rap” against his decision not to eliminate filibuster. say


Alexandria Ocasio Cortez seen at Jacobian Hospital in Morris Park, Bronx, New York City, June 3, 2021. Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images

  • In “All-in with Chris Hayes,” Congressman Ocasio Cortez said he did not support Manchin’s opposition to HR 1.

  • In 2019, Manchin co-sponsored HR 1, but is now against it due to the lack of Republican votes.

  • “Some members represent a community whose voting rights have never been attacked,” said Ocasio Cortez.

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When appearing on Tuesday’s “All in with Chris Hayes,” Senator Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said there was no logic in why Senator Joe Manchin opposed HR 1.

HR 1, For The People Act, calls on the state to expand its voter registration and voting initiatives and implements reforms in federal campaign finance and ethics.

In 2019, Manchin co-sponsored HR 1, For the People Act, but is now opposed because there is no Republican vote. Mr Manchin also opposes the withdrawal of filibuster, and if he supports the bill, he could get a small majority for the Democrats to pass the voting law without threatening to block it. You can. The bill scraped by the House of Representatives in March is Republican votes are zero.

“HR 1 opposes lobbyists and loan sharks. I think this is probably part of Joe Manchin’s calculations more than anything else. I don’t support it for this bipartisan argument. Casio Cortez told MSNBC.

“Because we see organizations like the Cork Brothers and the Heritage Foundation and conservative lobby groups claiming victory over the fact that Manchin refused to change in filibuster,” she continued. , I think these two things are very closely intertwined. “

Ocasio Cortez further discussed what she sees with political corporate funding and lobbying groups that are playing a role in funding attacks on voting rights.

Senator Mitch McConnell continues to oppose the bill in the Senate Rejected Manchin’s bipartisan proposal This means that Manchin’s opposition to HR 1 limits Congress’s actions on voting law.

“Joe Manchin voted for a non-bipartisan bill,” said Ocasio Cortez. “Some of us acknowledge the threat of existence and attacks on voting rights. [Republicans] How to put pieces together at the state level, such as Georgia and Florida, and assemble them at the federal level. “

Ocasio Cortez also argued that Manchin’s opposition was not rooted in the reality that voter oppression has historically affected the black community in the United States.

“Some members represent a community whose voting rights have never been attacked. Joe Manchin is absolutely one of them. He does not represent most of the black voters. They represent. There is no community, “said Casio Cortez.

Congressman Ocasio Cortez linked the promotion of HR 1 to the aftermath of the January 6 riots and denounced his colleagues who had downplayed the need for voting protection.

“We are hanging on the thread of democracy. We need to strengthen the democratic system on the brink. There is no evidence to support it, but unwavering confidence in the American system. Some people have. “

Manchin is West Virginia’s leading Democrat, 40 points behind former president Donald Trump. He is moderate and is often monitored by the left of the party.

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