Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez breaks Kevin McCarthy’s criticism of “his little KKK Klux”

manager Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (DN.Y.) Did not buy criticisms of house minority leader Kevin McCarthy (Republican) against Marjorie Taylor Greene (Republican) and Paul Gossar (Republican). Speaking at the White Supremacist American First Political Action Conference On weekends in Orlando, Florida.

McCarthy’s claim is “There is no place for our party for any of thisEstablished a cavity in Ocasio Cortez, who accused the House GOP leader of “protecting his little KKK caucuses for years” in his “toothless” remarks.

“That’s how he covers them,” she tweeted. “He has now helped them for a long time as they have escalated open anti-Semitism and cooperation with white supremacist groups. He is just as responsible.”

In the second post, Ocasio Cortez of Gosar Sharing on social media An anime video that I killed her last year.

“McCarthy stood on the house floor, headed the fundraising of a white supremacist organization, and enthusiastically defended Congressman Gosar, who escalated to incite violence in the house,” she said. “He made it a fair game. It’s no exaggeration to say that he works to protect them.”

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.

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