Alexandria Ocasio Cortez explains capitalism to Sean Spicer


US House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ((AFP via Getty Images))

US House of Representatives Alexandria Ocasio Cortez ((AFP via Getty Images))

US Republican Alexandria Ocasio Cortez defended her online merchandise store after Sean Spicer tweeted that she was “using capitalism to drive socialism.”

Former Trump White House spokesman Sean Spicer posted a comment on Twitter. Reuters report About New York Congressman’s investment in her business.

Okashio-Cortez’s online store We sell T-shirts, hats and other products branded with slogans such as “AOC”, “The Green New Deal”, “Better Climate = Betterjobs” and “Drink water & don’t be racist”.

According to the Federal Election Commission’s disclosure of the campaign, Ocasio Cortez’s campaign paid more than $ 1.4 million to Financial Innovations, a political products company that operates her online store in the first half of 2021, Reuters reports. ..

Spicer, a spokesman for former President Donald Trump, hinted that a self-proclaimed democratic socialist lawmaker was hypocritical.

Ocasio-Cortez quickly counterattacked Twitter in a post addressed to Spicer, who defines capitalism.

“I don’t know if you know this Sean, but trading is not capitalism. Capitalism is a system that prioritizes profits at all human / environmental costs,” she writes.

“But [for what it’s worth] Our store is unionized, not operated for commercial purposes, and funds projects such as free tutoring, food programs, and local organization. “

Her tweets received over 40,000 likes in about 9 hours.

According to a Reuters report, Ocasio Cotrez’s investment “is aimed at both raising funds and building a profile for the second legislator nationwide.”

Her campaign describes the company as follows: “The work uplifts a color-independent artist who tells the story of the community and imagines a world that is fairer to everyone.”

Many Twitter users jokingly thanked Spicer for tips on Ocasio Cortez’s store, and basketball coach Stan Van Gundy ended the discussion with Ocasio Cortez well for Spicer. Warned that it may not be.

“Sean Spicer is more likely to convince people that President Trump’s inauguration has the largest crowd in history (using’alternative facts’) than winning the debate with the AOC. “He posted.

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