All 11 hikers killed in a glacier avalanche have been identified

ROME (AP) —Saturday Italian authorities set the final death toll for avalanches in northern Italy to 11, almost a week after a block of ice broke from a melted glacier and sent a torrent of ice. He said all victims were identified. Hiker’s rocks and debris below.

Carabinieri Cmdr. Jean Pietro Lago, who heads a team of forensic experts to identify the bodies, said the ultimate hiker’s identity has been established and “there are no factors” to suggest an increase in deaths at this point.

A building-sized mass of apartments on the Marmolada Glacier in the Dolomites, Italy, separated on July 3, and an avalanche broke down the mountain. Popular hiking destination In summer.

According to experts, glaciers have lost mass and volume over the years, and this summer can melt faster than usual in heat waves and become unstable, so warming contributes to cleavage. It is highly possible that they did.

On Saturday, mourning days were observed throughout the disaster area known as Fassa Valley.


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