All Australian troops withdrew from Afghanistan

Australian Defense Minister Peter Dutton has confirmed that all of the Wehrmacht has withdrawn from Afghanistan.

According to Dutton, the country had an army of 1,500, which has recently dropped to 80, but has now withdrawn, all earlier than the original September deadline, under the advice of the Chief of the Defense Staff.

“That doesn’t mean it probably won’t be part of a campaign with the United States, including SAS or special forces, which we consider to be in the national interest or in the interests of our allies,” the minister told Sky News. ‘Sunday agenda program.

“But for now, the campaign is over.”

He said the threat of terrorism has not disappeared, and whether it appears in Australia, the Middle East, or elsewhere in the world, Australia will be part of an effort to defeat it.

Dutton hopes to have a National Foundation Day for 39,000 troops who have served in Afghanistan, where 41 lives have been lost in the last 20 years.

“I want these excavators to hear clearly the message that efforts in Afghanistan, Iraq, and the region have stopped terrorist attacks in our country,” he said.

“We are very grateful for that forever.”

He sees it as a story similar to other important days in the country on the military calendar, such as Anzac Day and Vietnam Veterans Day.

Colin Brinsden

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