All Catholic Memorial teams and JV Women’s Basketball coach staff resign during “communication” investigation

Catholic Memorial Varsity Coach Nikkineren talks to players during a match against Kettle Moraine Lutheran at Brookfield Central's 2020 Thanksgiving Shootout on Friday, November 27th.

Nikkineren, Varsity Coach of the Catholic Memorial, talks to players during a match against Kettle Moraine Lutheran at Brookfield Central’s 2020 Thanksgiving shootout on Friday, November 27th.

WAUKESHA — The coach staff of the Catholic Memorial Junior National Team and the women’s basketball team of the national team resigned from their position last Friday in the investigation of improper communication.

“Catholic Memorial High School took appropriate action after noticing the communication between coaches and players,” Angela Cooper, a memorial director for school attendance, said in an email to Journal Sentinel. “As a result of the ongoing investigation, the coaching staff has resigned. We cannot share any further information at this time as this is an ongoing process and personnel issue.”

Nikki Nellen has been Head Coach of Varsity for the past four seasons.

Nick Vitale, who coaches both boys and girls basketball at the memorial and also coaches soccer and baseball, will join as an interim coach.

According to Walkisha Freeman, Memorial Athletic Director Matt Bergan said the school had just noticed the situation last week.

The Crusaders national team is 13-7 overall and 8-5 at the Classic 8 Conference.

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This article was originally published in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: Catholic Memorial Women’s Basketball Staff Resigns Under Investigation

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