All COVID-19 Lockdown Fines Must Be Confirmed: MPs

All fines issued under the UK Government’s COVID-19 blockade rules must be reviewed, the UK lawmaker’s cross-party committee said the system was “confused, discriminatory and unfair.” It was.

so report The Joint Committee on Human Rights (JCHR), which was announced on Tuesday and consists of both parliamentarians and peers, expressed “grave concern” about the so-called Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Since the first CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus blockade began in March 2020, more than 85,000 fixed penalty notices have been issued to those allegedly violating the COVID-19 restrictions.

Fines that allow you to pay a fine instead of facing a prosecution or criminal record range from £ 200 ($ 278) if you don’t wear a face cover to £ 10,000 ($ 13,905) if you organize an “illegal” rally. The range of.

The Commission found that “a significant number of FPNs were incorrectly issued.”

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Police officers will speak to people sitting outside the Soho pub in London, England, on September 24, 2020. (Peter Summers / Getty Images)

As many as 27% of people were falsely charged, according to a review by the prosecutor’s office, which was filed under the COVID-19 regulation that reached the public court in February 2021.

“More penalties could have been paid by those who were too afraid of the outlook for criminal trials to risk challenging the FPN through criminal charges,” the report said.

Concerned that “high error rates will have a disproportionate impact on different groups of society,” the Commission recommends “a more step-by-step approach and consideration of removing these convictions from the criminal record.” Did.

According to the report, regulations related to the COVID-19 regulation have changed at least 65 times since March 2020, making it difficult for police to properly understand and enforce the regulation.

Labor Party lawmaker Harriet Harman, who chairs the committee, said, “As police quickly transitioned to enforcement measures, the number of FPNs has increased since January and there is a lack of legal clarity. The number of FPNs issued may increase. “

She said the government’s COVID-19 regulations were “not simply or easily understood by either the people who had to obey them or the police who had to enforce them.”

“Fixed penalty of up to £ 10,000 [$13,905] It is at stake because it is awarded regardless of the individual’s financial situation, “she said. “Government needs to review pandemic regulations and create new checks and balances to prevent errors and discrimination.”

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