All customers signing in when outdoor hospitality resumes in the UK

If a UK bar or restaurant reopens outdoors on April 12, all visitors over the age of 16 must be asked to sign in.

The hospitality industry group said that the industry is “DisappointedWith resumption restrictions.

As part of the government’s roadmap to ease CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus regulation, restaurants and pubs will be able to resume outdoor services on April 12, after months of forced closure.

At the venue, name and contact details for all customers and visitors by using the NHS COVID-19 app, scanning the NHS QR code poster, or passing it to the venue needed to retain the details. You need to ask to provide. 21 days if required for NHS test and trace programs.

“Businesses that prove to be non-compliant with these requirements are subject to fines,” the government said. Guideliness read.

“To keep people safe and keep our business open, it’s imperative to comply with these requirements,” he added.

Before last year, when all hospitality businesses were ordered to close, each customer group had to sign in by themselves.

A representative of the hospitality industry said the new rules would “add more confusion and inconvenience to customers and staff.”

According to the British Beer & Pub Association (BBPA), the government also refused to confirm that payments at the bar were allowed.

Industry groups have said that not receiving payments indoors would be an “even bigger problem” for rural pubs where connections are unreliable.

The BBPA suggested that this rule does not make sense, as “from this point on, it is considered safe to make payments in all stores, unlicensed cafes and elsewhere.”

According to BBPA, COVID status certification is another possible measure currently under consideration: “Pubs and other hospitality facilities need to require people to provide proof of immunity to allow admission. It is highly likely to be recommended. “

In a joint statement released Thursday, BBPA, UK Hospitality, and the British Institute of Innkeepers said the rule meant that the industry would reopen with both hands tied behind it.

“The pub is already trading at a loss when it resumes with all existing restrictions and COVID protected measures in place,” the statement said.

“Adding more disproportionate and discriminatory measures threatens the very survival of thousands of businesses.”

Representatives said the sector would like to exchange ways of returning to prosperity rather than relying on state handouts, but more handouts will be needed if the government maintains regulation.

A government spokesperson said public health regulations are constantly being reviewed.

“We offer as much flexibility as possible to pubs and other hospitality businesses,” said a spokesman.

“The roadmap shows that hospitality begins in step 2, and we have removed all curfew and fulfilling dietary requirements for our customers.”

The ongoing blockade of the CCP virus in the United Kingdom began in early January, when the government stated that more infectious variants of the CCP virus were rapidly prevailing in the country.

On February 22, Johnson announced the government’s blockade exit roadmap. As a first step in the plan, the school was reopened for all students on March 8.

Unwanted shops and outdoor hospitality will reopen on April 12, pubs and restaurants will open indoors from May 17, and cinemas and hotels will reopen.

According to the roadmap, hopefully all legal restrictions on social contact could be removed as early as June 21st.

Alexander Zhang contributed to this report.