All federal prisons closed nationwide after two prisoners were killed in Texas

All US federal prisons were closed after an argument that two prisoners were killed and two were injured in a federal prison in Texas.

Play status: The four prisoners were fighting in a prison in Beaumont, Texas. As a result, the prison bureau “announced a national blockade to ensure the order of our institution. We expect this security measure to be short-lived,” BOP emailed Axios. ..

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  • The blockade affects more than 120 federal prisons of government agencies.

  • “We will continue to monitor events carefully and adjust operations as circumstances change,” BOP said.

detail: According to a press release, the BOP said no one was injured and the general public was not at risk.

  • The case in Beaumont, Texas, began around 11:30 am local time.

  • The two prisoners sentenced to death were named Guillermo Rojas and Andrew Pineda. They were each convicted of interfering with carjacking and interstate commerce, and conspiracy of corrupt organizations affected by rackets.

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