All sides should protect their freedom without going crazy


Hornk if you love freedom. If you don’t like junk, sneer. If you’re an insane tribe, tweet obscenity. My goodness. What a fuss. Have we all been angry?

perhaps. The blockade was hard for everyone. Stupidity and abuse weren’t invented yesterday, but I’m still very worried as trucks gather in Ottawa.

Obviously, my heart is in the convoy. Since around May 2020, I have been criticizing excessive COVID restrictions as soon as I realized that it was not the next plague. The harm done to children who profess to be more important than life itself, such as through school blockades and Christmas cancellations, is unbelievable (unless they defend abortion). Science and policy continued to change their story, but not their tone.

The arrival of this large and widespread “fringe” group in the capital is, in fact, in line with the overdue approval that critics have had a long-standing issue. For example, Chief Medical Officer of Health Kieran Moore, Ontario, said, “We’ve been controlling our lives in great fear for the past two years,” “learned to live with this virus.” Must be. ” But if it was true today, it was true a year ago. And those of us who said that should get some credit.

Instead, mainstream media ridicule the convoy as an ignorant prejudice. I know that many journalists were in 1963 and wanted Martin Luther King Jr. to be a heroic supporter of Bull Connor. But I hope it’s not a good excuse to believe it. Walt Kelly’s Pogo Communist cowbird recalls, “I’m always happy when I’m full of disgust,” even if the South Army flag is discovered and triumphantly waved.

Too many journalists are working overtime to confirm Robert Conquest’s third law. “The easiest way to explain the behavior of a bureaucracy is to assume it is dominated by an enemy conspiracy.” It helps to reduce the reputation and circulation of newspapers and elect Donald Trump in 2016. If you want to inspire the public in a way, behave as if you made Marie Antoinette with college education and flashy vocabulary.

One famous Globe columnist compared unvaccinated and tax evaders, but you need to know that unvaccinated is not illegal. This helps, for example, to imprison dissidents and justify their delusions about erupting inconsistent anger.

The Prime Minister also played his customary shameful role, painting the convoy from a safe distance and hiding under the bed. Bullies are also generally cowards. He is exposed to COVID and is completely vaccinated and negative, so he needs to be quarantined until 1968 when Trudeau Senior faces the St. Jean Baptiste Day riots. And it says vaccines don’t work, so take them anyway, a great way to fuel conspiracy theories.

If I were Erin O’Toole, that’s what Trudeau wants me to do. On the other hand, if I’m Trudeau, I’d like to have Autur dither while the Caucus of Autur becomes “Lahr” and enters the avoidance position on the flip-flops. And the conquest will expect it.

When it comes to convoys, it’s not just the usual retweets of obvious stupidity, from Ottawa to 2,400 km past Winnipeg. There are people who insult and intimidate journalists as if life were a race to the bottom. I don’t have three political rules yet, but one that says, “If people think you’re a clown, don’t show up in a horror wig.” And while the protest isn’t bureaucratic, its manifesto certainly fits into Conquest 3.0.

Supporters of many convoys have a healthy sense that freedom is being eroded. It reveals that their true emblem is the Canadian flag, not the Star-Spangled Banner. However, few people have made credible efforts to understand how or should our government works (for example, look at my 2016 documentary “True, Strong and Free”). ). And most of their critics make no credible effort to understand how it isn’t working right now (as well as documentaries). Instead of telling the truth to power, many media outlets are now telling the truth about power, from climate to COVID.

At the risk of appearing fair, I find that there is a lot of fear and anger. Some are directed at the loss of freedom, while others are directed at the loss of control. The days when Andrew Coyne and Chantal Hebert’s CBC panel were able to define the limits of acceptable debate are over. And we were able to order popcorn at the theater without showing that our dissertation was in order. And we screamed insults and upheld a rational argument about shaking and retweet the shocking obscenity that kids could see them.

So if you love freedom, Hornk. But stay sane about it.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

John Robson


John Robson is a documentary filmmaker, National Post columnist, Dorchester Review contributor editor, and Executive Director of Climate Discussion Nexus. His latest documentary is “Environment: True Story”.