All stranded passengers have returned home from Mexico, Sunwing says

Sunwing says it has completed all scheduled recovery flights for the return trip. passenger ran aground Mexico after a winter storm disrupted operations during the holidays.

In a statement, the travel agency said it was working around the clock to bring affected customers home.

Some travelers from Saskatchewan said the airline left them at airports in other states, while others said flights from Mexico arrived in Regina with dozens of empty seats. There is also

Sunwing announced last week that it was suspending flights from Saskatoon and Regina airports for a month due to extenuating circumstances.

The Federal Transport Minister’s office has said the problems faced by Sunwing’s customers are unacceptable.

Transport Minister Omar Al-Ghabra’s office spokeswoman Valerie Glaser said in a statement that the government understands that delays and cancellations are frustrating for travelers.

Glaser says passenger You have rights that airlines must respect.

“As of September 8, new rules are in effect under the Air Passenger Protection Regulations,” the statement said. “These apply to flights canceled or delayed for reasons beyond the airline’s control, such as major weather events or pandemics.”

She said Transport Canada and the minister’s office are in communication with airlines and continue to work with airports to ensure that people can travel safely and reliably.

“Canadians can be confident that we are doing everything we can to support them during this difficult time,” the statement said.

sunwing said passenger Those affected by the delay may submit a claim for compensation or refund via the website.

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