All Trump campaigns and officials charged with federal criminal accusations


Inaugural Committee Chairman Tom Barrack

Former Trump Inaugural Committee Chairman Tom Barrack will speak at the pre-inauguration Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington on Thursday, January 19, 2017. Associated Press Photo / David J. Philip

  • Tom Barrack is the latest former Top Trump campaign officer to have been hit by a federal crime.

  • The former inauguration chair has been charged with breaching, obstructing, and misrepresenting lobbying activities.

  • Barrack, the eighth former Trump official in the face of federal crime, will plead not guilty.

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Former President Donald Trump, chairman of the 2017 Inaugural Committee, became the eighth former civil servant in Trump’s orbit after being charged with federal criminal charges on Tuesday.

Brooklyn Federal Prosecutor Charge the barracks with 7 counts Illegal lobbying, obstruction of justice, false statements to investigators.

Barracks have been accused of violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) in connection with lobbying on behalf of the United Arab Emirates.Barracks spokesman told insiders He will plead not guilty For all charges.

Other Trump officials Indicted as part of an investigation by former Special Advisor Robert Mueller Russia’s intervention in the 2016 election and the role of the Trump campaign in it Given a full presidential amnesty In the last few months of the Trump administration.

The complete list is:

  • Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort He was convicted of tax evasion with the Federal Bank in 2018, pleaded guilty to federal conspiracy charges, and sentenced to seven and a half years in federal prison.Playing cards Gave Manafort a complete amnesty December 2020.

  • Former campaign chief Steve Bannon was Indicted for conspiracy to attempt transfer fraud A conspiracy to launder money in connection with a plan to trick donors into funding the southern border wall. Trump pardoned Bannon in January 2021 before facing the trial.

  • Informal Trump Advisor and “Fixer” Roger Stone He was convicted of seven deadly sins and sentenced to three years in prison for sabotage, misrepresentation, and witnessing tampering in connection with Mueller’s investigation.Trump commuted Stone’s sentence in July 2020 He was completely pardoned in December 2020.

  • Deputy Trump Campaign Manager Rick Gates, Manafort’s key aide pleaded guilty to two counts, conspiracy and false statements. I received only a 45-day decision We thank him for his extensive cooperation with Mueller Probe researchers. He did not receive the president’s amnesty.

  • Trump’s short-lived national security adviser Michael flynn He pleaded guilty to one plea for lying to the FBI in this regard. Flynn, who promoted conspiracy theories about non-existent fraud in the 2020 elections, received a full amnesty from Trump in November 2020.

  • Longtime Trump individual lawyer Michael cohen Convicted of tax evasion, bank fraud, election fund breaches, lies to Congress in 2018, Sentenced to 3 years in federal prison.. Cohen, who turned on Trump after pleading guilty and cooperating with the prosecution, was unforgivable.

  • Trump Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor George Papadopoulos Convicted of lying to the FBI in connection with Mueller’s investigation Served in federal prison for 14 days..

  • Chairman of the Trump Inaugural Committee Tom Barrack In July 2021, he was charged with federal crimes such as illegal lobbying, obstruction of justice, and false statements to investigators.

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