All US adults eligible for COVID-19 vaccination on April 19

Washington — A pattern has led President Biden to announce on Tuesday that he has surpassed his own relatively modest pandemic-related promises. In this case, all American adults are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine by May 1.

Speaking of the White House Said the president The state had to achieve full qualification by April 19. By that date, he said, “All adults in all states, all adults in this country, are eligible for COVID vaccination.”He had Said before 90% of Americans qualify by April 19th and the last 10% qualify by May 1st.

Earlier that day, White House spokesman Jen Psaki said the revised goal of 100 percent eligibility by April 19 was “to provide clarity to the American people.” Of course, the White House could have been able to offer that rosy schedule from the beginning, but doing so took control of another opportunity to brag about breaking its voluntary deadline. Let’s do it.

The wording of Tuesday’s promise also emphasized a complex reality: qualifying for a vaccine is not the same as giving a vaccine.

In fact, increased eligibility leads to increased demand, which can lead to longer waiting periods for vaccines. The Biden administration recently opened a mass vaccination site and at the same time expanded its federal program to allow 40,000 pharmacies nationwide to administer injections. These moves could help meet the growing demand coming on April 19th.

There were few substantive policy changes in Tuesday’s announcement, but it could force the state to move faster to the vaccinated population. That’s because the president’s only real power is the bully in his office when it comes to affecting how the state manages vaccinations.

Washington, DC-April 6: US President Joe Biden speaks about the status of US vaccinations at the White House State Cafeteria in Washington, DC on April 6, 2021. President Biden has announced that the state should cover all adults with the COVID-19 vaccine by April 19.  (Photo courtesy of Alex Wong / Getty Images)

President Biden will speak at the White House on Tuesday about the status of US vaccinations. (Photo courtesy of Alex Wong / Getty Images)

And even without Biden’s publicity, the states have recently expanded their own vaccinations, with 36 states now providing vaccinations to people over the age of 16. Many have favored a more direct age-based approach and omitted complex formulas intended to address racial equality.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain acknowledged confusing vaccination guidelines in a Twitter message on Tuesday. “All 50 states. All adults. There are no more priorities or rules to check on the internet.” Klein wrote.. “As of April 19, any adult can be vaccinated in any state.”

During ~ Another event Early on Tuesday, Biden said that “everyone over the age of 18” would soon be able to “appear automatically” and be vaccinated without pre-registration. This represents a fundamental change from traditional vaccine distribution methods.

The president also announced that 150 million people were vaccinated nationwide. This means that the goal of 200 vaccinations by the 100th day of inauguration can be achieved relatively easily.

The White House promoted its unique achievements using regular “updates” of the coronavirus. For this Use of Defense Production Act And offer Vaccination related assistance To states and provinces through the President’s $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package, the American Rescue Plan.

In most cases, such updates are intended to remind the American public that Biden is in control of the difficult situations that plagued his predecessors on a daily basis.Biden is much higher Voting number For his handling of the virus.

The president now has to fight an increasingly restless population, and on the other hand, a more contagious strain of coronavirus that appears to be ill. Some young people in the country..

Postponing the vaccination eligibility period was one way to signal that the end was approaching, if not exactly here yet. “We are still in a life-threatening race with this virus,” Biden said, even if he promised “a better era is ahead.”


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