All Victorian hotel quarantine staff are vaccinated prior to the arrival of international flights

The Victoria State Government will vaccinate all frontline quarantine workers at the hotel with the COVID-19 vaccine before the international return flight arrives in Melbourne on April 8.

It promised a “reset” of the hotel quarantine program following an investigation by the Andrews Labor government that discovered the second wave last year, and its “catastrophic social and economic consequences” (more than 800 related deaths (Including) was caused by a breach of hotel quarantine. ..

“The advice I have is that when the program resumes on April 8, all staff working in these frontal roles in the hotel quarantine will be vaccinated,” said Minister of Labor Jacinta Alan. Said on April 5th.

“The majority of hotel quarantine workers are already vaccinated, and only those who have been vaccinated will play these frontal roles in hotel quarantine from April 8th,” Alain said. I will.

This also follows a review of the “variant of concern” led by Deputy Chief Health Officer Allen Chen, concluding that vaccination of hotel quarantine staff is the most effective means of preventing the spread of the virus. I attached it.

Nearly 5,000 hotel quarantine workers, including quarantine staff, hotel staff, police and Australian Defense Force personnel, received the first dose, with 2,283 reportedly waiting for the second dose. Australian person..

Meanwhile, Thursday’s reopening will be the third time the Victorian hotel quarantine program has been reviewed since the pandemic began. The state hotel program was suspended on February 13, 2021 following a leak from hotel quarantine, including the Holiday Inn cluster, which triggered the state government to enact a five-day rapid “circuit breaker” blockade. I did.

According to important actions, arrivals will be tested 4 times (arrival date, 4th day, 12th day, 14th day) and will be contacted for “symptomatology check” on day 16 (symptom check)pdf) Outlined by the state government.

The state government has also developed ventilation standards for quarantine facilities, including equalizing air pressure in rooms and corridors to prevent virus particles from entering communal spaces.

The state government also standardizes all personal protective equipment (PPE) at all facilities.

To response “We are taking steps to implement all 81 recommendations of the investigation,” the Victoria State Government said in a final report of the Hotel Quarantine Investigation. 49 will be implemented, 4 will be partially implemented, 8 will be committed, and 20 will be referred to the National Cabinet.

“”[T]The government is committed to learning from these lessons to ensure that Victoria continues to provide the safest and most effective quarantine system possible. “

A maximum of 800 returnees per week is planned before it increases to 1,120 by April 15.

No new cases of COVID-19 were reported on April 5, with no locally acquired cases, and the state occurred for 38 consecutive days.

AAP contributed to this report.

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