All women should have options other than abortion



“When writing your life story, don’t let other people hold your pen.” – Anonymous

It is wonderful. The idea that we are the authors of life. I would like to think that it is possible. But most of us have experienced the reality of unscripted living circumstances, such as an unexpected illness or accident, or an unplanned pregnancy.

It’s interesting to see an unplanned pregnancy through the lens of the quote above. Don’t let anyone tell you what to do with you write the script

But wouldn’t that perspective and statement also apply to women with unplanned pregnancies who don’t want an abortion?

It’s an uncomfortable truth, but choosing not to have an abortion when faced with an unplanned pregnancy has become an unpopular choice. is expected.

But what if it’s not? What if the story is untrue for some women? Shouldn’t it be possible?

Abortion is one option for Canadian women, but it is not the only option for unplanned pregnancies. Still, it is often the first to be suggested, the first to be expected, and the choice women are sometimes pressured into.

Do you want to be a country that supports women’s choice? It must include the right of women to choose not to have an abortion when circumstances or people force them to do so.

Access to support is really limited for women who (1) are unsure what to do about an unplanned pregnancy or (2) do not want an abortion but are unsure how to make other options work.

What may further narrow women’s options is that the liberal government has ordered the office of the finance minister to revoke the charity status of pregnancy care centers. This is very concerning as it appears to be threatening to remove the charity.

Most would agree that restricting access to support for women with unplanned pregnancies is wrong. It looks like they are trying to restrict access to fertility centers that provide women with accurate information. This is done by creating false statements about what pregnancy care centers do.

Unsubstantiated statements are made and outdated examples are given. An old script was written about the center, and the same lines are used over and over again. But what if that script isn’t accurate?

Pregnancy Care Canada (PCC) has worked diligently to rewrite its scripts, ensure the stories it tells are accurate, and hold its pen to write the truth about the pregnancy care centers it partners with and the support they provide. rice field.

The truth is that PCC-affiliated pregnancy care centers empower women struggling with unplanned pregnancies. They ensure individuals have access to practical support, compassionate care, accurate information about all pregnancy options, and a safe place to make informed pregnancy decisions.

PCC member centers do not provide or assist in arranging abortions. That’s not their role. Instead, these centers play a valuable role in the continuum of health care for pregnant women in Canada by providing practical support to those in need of information, pregnancy support, parenting, or adoption help. is playing

Pregnancy care centers fill the gap by supporting women who are unsure of what to do about an unplanned pregnancy or who do not want an abortion but are unsure of what else they can do or how to do it. increase.

These women must also be made available for support. Grab your pen and let them write their own story. Even if it’s messy, haphazard, and a little different than what has become a popular option. Shouldn’t all women have other options than abortion?

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Rebecca Peters


Rebecca Peters is Director of Communications for Pregnancy Care Canada. Pregnancy Care Canada is a national best practice association with over 80 affiliated pregnancy care centers.