Almost half of African countries are refraining from participating in the Russian-Ukraine War

Many African countries are refraining from agreeing with the issue of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Twenty-eight of the 54 African countries represented by the United Nations voted in favor of the United Nations on March 2, 2022, in a resolution condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Of the 35 countries that voted to abstain 17 were African— Includes Algeria, Angola and South Africa, but the other eight, including Cameroon, Ethiopia and Morocco, did not submit votes.

Eritrea was the only African country to join Belarus, North Korea, Russia and Syria and vote against the resolution. More than 81 percent of non-African countries voted in favor of the resolution.

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South African President Cyril Ramaphosa (R) and Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) will join the 2019 Russia-Africa Summit on October 24, 2019 at the Sirius Science and Arts Park in Sochi, Russia. Attend the first main meeting. .. (Chirikov / AFP via Getty Images)

“African countries are not unaware of the fact that Ukraine is a victim of geopolitical war,” said David Otto, director of anti-terrorism at the Geneva African Security Strategy Research Center.

“Some African countries that have decided to abstain or vote against the UN resolution have done so in terms of the interests of sovereignty over Russia and NATO’s allies.

But these different positions taken by African nations are a greater indicator of the transition from a unipolar to a multipolar geopolitical system in which Russia, China and the West compete for the African sphere of influence. ” I told the time report in text.

“This is a new and challenging geopolitical situation that we have never experienced in post-colonial Africa. As far as the West and East are concerned, this is a new wind of change for Africa. This time, African countries Slowly but steadily calling for a geopolitical blow. “

Professor Adebayo Orkosi of the Witz School of Governance in Johannesburg, South Africa, believes that the ideal choice by African countries would have been completely abstained during the UN vote.

“The real option before Africa was not to support or oppose the resolution, but to avoid being involved in the competition of the great powers that historically caused great damage to the continent,” Adebayo said. Told the Epoch Times.

“During the Cold War, major rivals shrank Africa into a playground for fighting proxy wars, which had a negative impact on human life, peace, stability and progress,” he said.

“As the new Cold War materializes, Africa learns the lessons of history and participates in conflicts on each side of rival forces trying to advance what they consider to be strategic and global geography. Must be rejected.-Political interests. “

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Russian heritage in Africa: March 2019, South African Communist Party protest in Johannesburg city center (provided by SACP).

From establishing a naval base on the Red Sea coast of Sudan to fostering a cozy relationship between the mineral-rich Gulf of Guinea and leaders in the Sahel region of Africa, to embedding Wagner mercenary forces and military assets on the ground. Support that proxyPolicy experts are afraid that Russia is turning Africa into a “theater” for its geopolitical interests.

Russia’s involvement in Africa is often dismissed as opportunism by some critics, Joseph Seagle The head of research at the Center for Strategic Studies in Africa, based in Washington, DC, said Russia’s growing interest in Africa should not be overlooked.

“Three priorities stand out. One is to focus on North Africa. By establishing itself as a power broker in Libya, south of NATO, Russia has become a major port and hydrocarbon on the eastern Mediterranean coast. We have gained naval access to hydrogen reserves, “Seagle told The Epoch Times.

“Parallel efforts to negotiate access to ports in the Red Sea will allow Russia to take advantage of the Suez Canal and the Maritime Strangler Fig in the Bab Armandab Strait.

“Second, the purpose is to be seen as a great power in which its interests must be considered in all regions, including Africa. With the rapid expansion of its influence in Africa in recent years, Russia has made a small amount of it. Given the economic investment (equivalent to less than 1% of foreign direct investment in Africa), we have won a major role on the continent, “says Siegle.

“This is especially true for the Central African Republic, Mali, Sudan, Madagascar and eastern Libya. Russia is also deepening its ties with South Sudan, the Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Mozambique, Angola, Guinea, Zimbabwe and Uganda.”

According to Seagle, the third priority is the desire of Russian President Vladimir Putin to pioneer a “post-liberal international order that examines non-democratic governance models.”

“African junta and authoritarian leaders provided an easy entrance to the continent of Moscow,” he told the Epoch Times, “these African juntas are now backed by Russian political support. I have. “

“Africa, with 54 representatives from the United Nations, is an important region for shaping the story of global norms and avoiding Russia’s isolation. The rule that legitimacy comes from citizens and human rights are upheld. It is, of course, in Russia’s interest to move away from the order based on.

“To this end, Russian disinformation has become very active in Africa by degrading the value of democracy.”

Proceedings for survival

As the war in Ukraine is endless, there are concerns that as long as the war continues, if such resources begin to become tense, Africa could become a source of regular economic and military replenishment of the Kremlin. ..

It is also widely speculated that some African countries are in a strategic position to take advantage of the challenges facing the West and the East over Ukraine. Leverage economic and diplomatic interests.

“Russia cannot survive in a political void without major allies that rely on political, financial, diplomatic and financial support,” said Otto of the Center for African Security Strategy in Geneva. Is a top priority. “

“Russia-Africa relations were consolidated during the 2019 Russia-Africa summit. In the face of severe economic and diplomatic sanctions against Ukraine and pressure from the West, Moscow is friendly Africa. I hope the nations will repay her by providing Russia with a survival channel from at least unfriendly countries-even if that means maintaining neutrality, “he told Epoch.

U.S. recently Conceivable Reduce missions to fight distant terrorist groups in Africa and instead refocus on confrontations with so-called great powers like Russia and China to achieve their economic and security goals on the continent.

Remodeling of power

Orkosi doubts US means to thwart the remodeling of global power.

“For example, China as a major economic agent is trapped in a major race for overall control of the United States and its allies,” he told The Epoch Times.

“Militarily, China and Russia have been involved in major capacity upgrades to enable the projection of power on a global scale.”

“The United States may try to delay the process of restructuring global power and discourage African nations from entering the orbit of a resurrection power in the eastern part of the world, but the world we are witnessing. The underlying forces of change are structural in nature, “said Olukoshi.

Therefore, Russia still sees Africa as the only continental sphere of influence to challenge and challenge its western existence by taking advantage of its colonial history and the vulnerabilities of its diverse leadership policies.

“Russia’s strategy is to provide Africa with a better choice, focusing on equitable trade, mutual respect, security partnerships and non-interfering policies in African countries’ internal affairs,” Otto said. rice field.

“The Kremlin’s interest in Africa is strictly geopolitical. Russia is in Africa, especially Sahel and Central Africa, as NATO and US allies have swallowed the former Soviet Union state into NATO and EU member states. It has conquered the states that were previously located in the west. Gentle power. “

“Russia has entered the competition in Africa and is gradually increasing its geopolitical speed,” Otto said.

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Nalova Akua is a multimedia freelance journalist in Cameroon.