Almost two years after the incident, Louisiana police released additional video footage from Ronald Green’s arrest and death during police detention.


This image from a video of Louisiana Police State Police Officer Dakota Demos & # 39; Wearing a camera outside Monroe, Louisiana, before paramedics arrive on May 10, 2019, Ronald Green Shows a soldier lifting.

This image from a video from a camera worn by Louisiana Police State Police Officer Dakota Demos lifts Ronald Green before paramedics arrive outside Monroe, Louisiana on May 10, 2019. Shows a soldier. Louisiana Police via AP

  • Louisiana police have released all video footage of Robert Green’s arrest and death in 2019.

  • Green’s detention death is subject to a federal civil rights investigation.

  • The Troopers had previously stated that Green had died in a car accident, but later admitted that he had wrestled with an officer and died on his way to the hospital.

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Louisiana police released All video footage It is related to the controversial arrest and subsequent death of Ronald Green, a black man who died in police detention in 2019.

On May 10, 2019, Green did not stop due to a traffic violation and urged police officers to chase Green on a rural highway at speeds in excess of 115 mph.

The new video Associated Press Obtained 46 minutes of footage from police body camera on Thursday An officer who surprises, beats, and drags the green He led the authorities in a car chase and repeatedly shouted “I’m sorry” and said he was scared.

There are a total of 9 videos from over 30 seconds to over 46 minutes.

State officials rejected the call to release the footage for two years after the incident, and state police did not begin investigating Green’s detention death until 474 days after his death. The case is currently subject to a federal civil rights investigation.

“State police have previously accused Green of being killed in a car accident in May 2019 at the end of a chase in Monroe, Louisiana,” said insiders Kelly McLaughlin and Erin Snodgrass. report.. “Later, state police admitted that Green had wrestled with a police officer and said he died on his way to the hospital in a one-page statement that did not provide additional details.”

Colonel Lamar Davis said on Friday, “It’s a shame that it took so long to get here,” and announced that the agency would release the footage.

“The Louisiana Police Department had every intention to properly disclose all the necessary evidence and information at the right time for every request for public records,” said Davis. I will. Said.. “And the other suggestions are categorically wrong.”

Governor John Bel Edwards of Louisiana statement He “strongly supported” the release of all footage, adding that the footage was “obstructive” and “difficult to see.”

“It was difficult and painful to see the last moments of Mr Green’s life,” Edwards said in a statement last October when he reviewed the footage with Green’s family to see the body camera footage. Said.

His family filed an illegal death proceeding, accusing police of “brutalizing” Green and concealing his cause of death.

“They killed him. It was planned, planned,” said Green’s mother, Mona Hardin. Associated Press.. “He didn’t have a chance. Ronnie didn’t have a chance. He wasn’t going to live to talk about it.”

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