Alvin Motley Jr.Was killed by a white guard over music


Victims were visiting Memphis’ family when he was shot deadly

A black man in Memphis was fatally shot at a gas station by a white guard who allegedly killed him with the loud music of the victim.

Alvin Motley Junior, 48 years old on Saturday 6660 Poplar Ave. I was at the Kroger Fuel Center in Tokyo and fought with the guards when it was full.Discussion, according to Memphis police it’s over Victim’s loud music.

Motley’s family said he was simply exercising his right to “pump up gas and play music,” but guards said. Gregory Livingston, 54, didn’t see it that way, and reportedly shot Motley in the chest, ABC news Report.

Motley from Chicago, who was visiting Memphis’ family, was declared dead on the scene.

Alvin Motley Junior Gregory Livingston

(Credit: Motley Family / Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance)

Livingston was arrested and charged Murder twice Currently imprisoned in lieu of $ 1.8 million on bail, as reported by Action news 5.. His next court day is set for August 16.

“Since this is America and no one has the right to kill a young black man to play music, Alvin Motley has the right to exist and to pump up gas and play his music. “Family lawyer Ben clamp Said. “I don’t care how big you think it is. You don’t have the right to kill a young black man to play music.”

Sadly, the victim’s father says he has a forgiveness towards his son’s murderer.

“I forgive this man because my god says he will forgive, but I want him to be given the utmost punishment,” Motley’s father said. Said At this week’s press conference.

“He wasn’t violent at all,” said his sad father. “I just want my son to have justice.”

Before speaking publicly to reporters, Crump issued the following statement:

“My heart hurts when the Motley family is saddened by the tragic and preventable loss of Alvin. Companies that employ Kroger and security have employees, as well as the training they have advocated for law enforcement officers. And the contractor has the ultimate responsibility to train and equip the escalation technique. His music was louder than the guards liked, so a black man trying to fill his car with gas he There is no reason to lose their lives. This crime is a racially discriminatory motive, and there is no doubt that white people playing loud music in similar situations are alive.

An investigator with the moonlight of the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office as a security guard for Allied Universal Security was hired by Kroger to provide security for the store. NBC News..

According to the DA office, the Shelby District Attorney Amy Weirich Announced on Thursday A potential conflict of interest led her to hand over the case to a special counsel.

“Today I learned that an investigator in this office was working off duty at Allied Security and could be a witness to Gregory Livingston’s indictment. According to a statement released by Weirich, the investigation. The official took an unpaid vacation because he didn’t notify me immediately. “

“I’m leaving our office because I don’t want anything that casts a shadow over the pursuit of justice. I talked to my family lawyer, Mr. Crump, and went to the district attorneys’ meeting. I requested that a special prosecutor be appointed. “

According to the report, Allied Universal Security states that Livingston was hired through a third-party contractor.

“Everyone at Allied Universal would like to extend our deepest sympathies to Alvin Motley’s family and friends who were tragically killed in Memphis over the weekend. His loss is devastating,” the company said in a statement.

“We are conducting a thorough investigation of the case, including a review of a third-party contractor who hired an officer involved in the case. Immediately effective and all with this third-party contractor. The transaction has been closed. “

The company is reportedly working with Memphis authorities to “fully support the prosecution of this issue to ensure that justice is provided.”

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