Amanda Todd said the “pedophile” had threatened her for years: the crown

British Columbia teenager Amanda Todd said on Facebook that “pedophiles” had threatened her for years.

In closing arguments at the Dutch Aidin Coban trial, Kristen Renoble posted to the jury shortly before receiving a message from another Facebook user requesting Todd to have a sexual “show” on the camera. Or to her family and classmates who said that a video exposing her breasts would be sent.

A teenager in Port Coquitram, British Columbia, recently moved to a nearby community with his father and started attending a new school, Renoble said.

Coban pleaded not guilty to blackmail, harassment, communication with young people to commit sexual crimes, and possession of child pornography.

LeNoble told the jury on Tuesday to help the jury “unpack” a fair amount of evidence, including testimony from more than 30 witnesses and a binder full of 80 exhibits. We began to conclude the discussion by telling us that we would spend the day.

By the time they’re done, it’s reasonable that Coban is behind the 22 separate online aliases used to blackmail Todd for years, before she died almost 10 years ago. She said she would have proved beyond suspicion.

Renoble told the jury that some messages pretended to be supportive and sought to build trust with Todd, while others could ruin her life.

LeNoble disguised himself as a member of a child protection agency and presented the jury with a message that Harasser sent to Todd’s family and school managers. This message contained a link to a pornographic website displaying a video of a teenager.

She explained how to use another alias on Facebook to send a message with the same link to 99 users from Todd’s friends list on social networking sites.

She said harassment began shortly before Todd turned 13 in November 2009.

“Sufficient nice guy action,” said Renoble, reading one of the messages that the harasser threatened to publicly distribute a video of Todd exposing her breasts.

“You’re going to do what you’re told … I already have 17 or 52 alumni and teachers at your school in your family through their official website. I’m a child protection agency chasing you With, you can send them at this moment, “she read.

“Your life is never the same … or as I say you do, and after 10 shows you do as I say, I disappear as if nothing happened Read the message that Renoble called “the real sledgehammer of harassment.” A message of blackmail and temptation. “

Prosecutor Louise Kenworthy told the jury at the start of the trial almost two months ago, and Todd continued online “sectioning” for more than three years before he died in October 2012 at the age of 15. He said he was a victim of a jury trial.

Carol Todd testified that her daughter was scared when she got her attention, and Amanda’s pain increased from incident to incident.

LeNoble showed the jury a message that Amanda sent to her cousin and others she knew after the video exposing her breasts was delivered.

In the message, Amanda said they were “begging” and “thought it wasn’t a problem”, so they “flashed” on YouTube about “200 guys” the previous year.

The message indicates that a teenager wrote in the video that he “destroyed” his life because of subsequent harassment and blackmail.

Brenna Owen

Canadian press