Amazon allows managers to decide when corporate employees will return to the office

Amazon allows company managers to decide when to return to the office after a company employee starts working remotely for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Issued by the company Updated memo guidance He told employees on October 11 that it was up to the directors of the individual teams to decide when they would return to the office.

“As for the role of our company, instead of specifying that people work at the baseline three days a week in the office, we leave this decision to individual teams. This decision is made on a team-by-team basis at the director level. “We will,” Amazon CEO Andy Jassy said in a message to employees.

“I hope there will be teams that mostly work remotely, teams that work in a combination of remote and office, and even teams that decide that working mostly in the office can provide the best service to their customers. I am. “

“We intentionally do not specify days or days. This is for directors to make decisions with senior leaders and teams. Decisions are based on what is most effective for the customer. We need to, and of course, no matter where the work is done, we all continue to be valued by how we serve our customers. “

The tech company said most of its staff were close to the core team and wanted to be able to easily move to the office for meetings within a day’s notification.

As part of the policy change, Amazon also offers corporate employees who can work effectively away from the office the option to work completely remotely from anywhere in the country where they are employed for up to four weeks a year. increase. “Flexibility.”

Jasie told employees that it could take weeks for team leaders to communicate plans for updated guidelines to staff in the future, but the company previously set a date for employees, January 3rd. Start returning to the office at least three days a week, hoping that things will be completed by the day.

Amazon is a state-of-the-art technology giant that allows employees to continue working remotely. In September, Microsoft told employees that it had postponed indefinitely until it was safe to return to its US office.

Apple, Google, Facebook, and other growing lists are also expanding their telecommuting policy, but Twitter told workers last year that they could continue to work from home “forever” if they wanted to.

“Otherwise, our office will take some additional precautions and become their warm and welcoming self when they feel they can come back safely.” Twitter says. statement..

Catabella Roberts


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