Amazon and Apple handed $ 225 million in fines for Italy’s antitrust violations

Milan — Italy’s antitrust authorities have told US high-tech giants and Apple Inc. a total of more than € 200 million ($ 225 million) on suspicion of anti-competitive cooperation in selling Apple and Beats products. I have been fined.

The terms and conditions of the 2018 agreement between the two companies mean that only selected resellers are allowed to sell Apple and Beats products on, which violates European Union rules and prices. He added that it had an impact on the competition.

Both Apple and Amazon said they would appeal the fine.

You can see a woman holding a smartphone in front of the Amazon logo with this illustration taken on July 30, 2021. (DadoRuvic / Illustration / Reuters)

Authorities will fine Amazon 68.7 million euros and Apple 134.5 million euros to end restrictions that allow retailers of genuine Apple and Beats products to access in a non-discriminatory way. I ordered the company.

“To enable our customers to purchase genuine products, we work closely with reseller partners to ensure that only genuine Apple products are sold in collaboration with law enforcement agencies, customs and merchants. We have a dedicated team of professionals to do, “Apple denied. Cheating.

In another statement, Amazon strongly opposed the decision of the Italian authorities, stating that the proposed fine was “disproportionate and unjustified.”

“Our business model depends on their success, so we reject the proposal that Amazon would benefit from excluding sellers from our store. As a result of the agreement, Italian customers. We were able to find the latest Apple and Beats products in our store, more than doubling our catalogs, enabling more deals and faster shipping, “Amazon said.

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